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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Plant A Seed...

This last week, we focused on my plate. We watched this fun video based on the song Born This Way explaining the new my plate food guide. We then played the optional activity Growing a Garden Game called My Plate Hoopla from Nutritious Delicious Wisconsin. We set out hula hoops that portrayed plates. We set out bean bags, you could use colored paper. Orange=grain,m green=veggies, purple= meats or beans, blue=dairy, and red= fruit. I made sure that there wasn't enough of some and I added yellow for sweets. You could steal from someone and add a sugar. I only gave so much time and then I called it. We went around to see if we had a well balanced meal. Then we went back to our room to make a my plate,  plate. They did a great job making their favorite meal, but making it even healthier. 

We worked on creating balanced meals that would be use in our lunchroom to encourage others to think about half of their plate being fruits and veggies. My plate does...does yours?

Here is a great video that we watched that helped the kids understand the new food guidelines. It is sung to Lady Gaga's song Born This Way! 

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