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Science Makes Me Hoppy!

I am on VACATION! But before we finished up science last week...we worked on a few science stations that made the kiddos pretty HOPPY! We made Easter eggs with coffee filters...
The kiddos made designs on coffee filters...

They got to spray them...then we made sayings on notecards how Our Teachers Are EGG-cellent. I love that teachers are egg-cellent because they are pretty! Those cuties. It takes about an hour to dry...but they are cute in a little nest. I will share next week when I get back! I was out of there quick on Friday...break started!

Now...onto our Egg-stra fun sound discrimination station! I made nests out of crumpled paper...put the matching eggs in a nest and the littles loved trying to find the pairs...open them up...and check their answers. Even the kinders could write down the matches...I was so proud.
Look at them working together and having fun learning!
Just a closer look at the sheet and a little checking to see if they were right! They loved it!
Onto the activity that was a blast...but whoa...a bit messy.We learned to do this one outside in our school garden...We made bird nests out of natural products in the garden...and realized that birds are AMAZING animals. We looked at real nests and the ones in our garden. We tried to build them to hold 2-3 Cadbury Eggs. We set our nests in the trees for the birds to use if they wanted. The kiddos were proud of their creations...as the kids got older though they were harder on themselves for not building a "solid" nest. We connected engineering with what other animals can do that people have tried to copy...planes... gecko feet...shark skin...Biomimicry is a great connection for this lesson to show how we can learn from animals!  Here is the link I used and some fine looking bird nests...
Look at our indoor nests...do this activity outside:)

Might not actually works for real bird eggs, but they were proud of how they turned out...

After really looking closely at real bird nests...we realized how much we can learn from nature!

The final nests were placed in trees in our garden...we shall see if any bird uses their nests!

The great thing about these activities is that they allow for great thematic science connections...these activities and more can all be found in my Easter Science Pack...Hop on over to ...Easter Science Stations on TPT


Garden Nests: Engineering for Easter

I just can't wait anymore to use our school garden. Even if you don't have a school garden, you can gather some great items outside for your students to do this engineering project. I have two classes the day before spring break...I was wondering about what I could do with both kindergarten and 1st graders from my Easter pack...I added three new activities today! I am really excited about using it! Take a look...
I added chromatography eggs, an engineering next building activity, and a writing activity! Here are my littles in action!

Easter Egg Sound Discrimination Activity...

Teachers are Egg-cellent art project...

Building a nest for our Cadbury Eggs...great for outside connections! We started inside...made a mess...took it outside...and
A nest fit for a Cadbury Egg! Bird nests are hard to build, but the kiddos loved getting outside and using natural garden goodies!

Happy Easter!


Long Time...No Post...

Spring break can't come too soon my friends...one more week! I have been so busy trying to create some new lessons and units to go with upcoming FOSS units...testing my kiddos...report cards needed to be done Friday...my daughter was in town on her spring break (making little time to update blogs if I hardly get to see her...one has to use their time wisely!) last volleyball tournament in Milwaukee, taking us away from work at home...and now it is track, softball, and baseball season. Yikes!

But...now it is time for you! Updating, sharing, and freebies! Here is what I have been doing this week...
Kinders got to build leprechaun traps...I showed them the squirrel trap that I had out in our school garden...gotta catch that little bugger!

Firsties got to finish up their "Toy" unit otherwise known as Balance and Motion...I like the title toys better...so do the kids! We shared toys that slid, rolled, turned, and bounced! Here is their sheet...a freebie for you!
                        Toys That Rock and Roll FREEBIE Sheet

2nd graders have spent the last two weeks on a new unit I am in the process of making using the 2nd grade NGSS science standards. They seem to love it...they are learning about biomes, making topographical maps, and planning a trip for spring break. It seems to be great timing for them...and makes it fun to get ideas of things that are out there to do and what we can do in our own hometown!

3rd graders just went to a WEDing this last week! A fun spin on teaching weathering...erosion...and deposition! That new pack is coming soon too.

 4th graders are finishing up on their human body unit. I used my Cardiovascular System Heart Healthy Science Stations Pack for two weeks, followed up by teaching the kids how to read labels on food packages! Here is a great site figuring out food labels at Kids Health!

5th graders have been working on engineering projects and their final mixtures and solution test! We made a chair for our bear and a tower with index cards. It was a nice break from a kit. Can't wait to start our new units next week...right before break to get them excited about coming back for quarter 4.  Sorry...I had more pictures, but I left my other camera at school. My bad. Have a great weekend!

The Sunday Scoop

My oldest baby is back in the nest...and I am so excited to see her again. Wow...time flies when you look back on your time with your kids and I have another one flying off...my little birdies are getting so big! To celebrate...we went ice fishing???!!? Yes, this winter hater went ice fishing to do something with as many of my sweet children. It was cold. It was windy. We didn't catch any fish. BUT...I did enjoy just being outside with my family...even if I was a bit cold. However...the sun is out and the snow is suppose to start melting as warmer weather hits us this week!

Those three birds of a feather that teach together over at Teaching Trio are hosting their weekly Sunday Scoop! So here it is...

CICO...btw...stands for Check In...Check Out...my little boy...(I help two specifically)...but one is going backwards...boy little guy! He seems to want "prizes" from school store and not really focusing on making good choices on his own. That connection isn't there. He is the cutest thing though...I have to get creative on how to reteach him and get him to care again. I am sure we can get him there...it takes time. 

On another note...I am at a new milestone...I have an even number of followers! I am up to 60 friends! I can't tell you how happy that makes me feel!  I really am so excited that others want to see what I do in my science classroom. If you want to check out instagram...go to mrsheinrichsscienceclass  and my weekly pictures are there for my families. My son was just looking at them and saying he wished he was in my class! I didn't even pay him to say that. 

Happy Sunday! 


Currently March...In Like A Lion

You know the old saying...in like a lion...out like a lamb? It has been cold here in Wisconsin, but the snow keeps missing us. We haven't had a break since winter vacation...and the kids...and teachers are in need of a little break...if you ask me. March always seems to make me a bit happier though...snow starts to melt and we can start planting our garden seeds indoors. Hello...March!

Currently...Farley...Over AT Oh' Boy 4th Grade is hosting a linky party! See what I am doing Currently...

Loving...a great week! When I visited my oldest in college last month, we ate at a restaurant called Massad's...great, quick Greek restaurant! They were holding a contest for selfies. She took a selfie and entered. It was posted on Facebook last week to vote for the top 10 pictures. What a great opportunity to make $500 for college! She won! Whoo Hoooooo!!!!

Thinking...Now it is time for our second oldest to finish scholarships so that she can also get some help with college. She will be headed to La Crosse this fall...wanting to be a doctor...we shall see.

Spring Break plans are in action to help us get through this long month...we are planning a quick trip to St. Louis with my kids in tow...we haven't been there with them...my husband is off to Disney with his baseball team...so we are picking up our college daughter and then driving down to St. Louis. A ton of driving in one day to make all of the time there worth it. We have to get her back to college by Tuesday morning!

Anyone think of some fun things to do there? Send it my way!!!! Happy March!

Sunday Scoop...

It's Sunday...it's cold out...and I am sitting here warm...under my blanket. I put the sheets in the wash, watched some TV with my son...added some things to my new NGSS 3rd grade unit...now I am taking a break to tell you the Sunday Scoop! Gotta love the Teaching Trio and there fun Sunday Linky! I seem to always be late for the party though...

Nothing much this next week...we are almost at the end of our FOSS kids...so assessments...planning for new units...and supper is right around the corner...I need to be more creative. Sheets are ready to go in the dryer...taxes are on the front burner...I will sweet talk him with...maybe some pie...My oldest is on her way home for vacation starting Friday...life is good!

Enjoy your week...time for the warm weather to show up!
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