The Science School Yard: Summer Link Up...Blast From The Past

Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Link Up...Blast From The Past

This week, I am linking up with I Heart Grade 3. I finally have time to spare and linking up is definatley on my to do list...sure is better than the laundry:)

Five hears ago...I was 40...Yikes. I was still teaching 5th grade at another elementary school in our city. Now...I have been teaching K-5 science at the biggest elementary school in our district with over 430 kiddos! I wouldn't give it up for a minute. I love what I do! I did 5 years ago...but I saw changes coming and wanted to make a switch...after 18 years of teaching at that time was getting to me a bit. I lost a bit of my creativity.

Five years ago...I had all of my children with me under one roof! My kiddos were 15, 13, 10, and 7. That sounds so little. Now, I have two in college this year. Time flies when you think about 5 years going by!

I was looking for pictures that I had from 5 years changes in five years...
Without braces...

With braces...
My high school bound!
Five years ago...I didn't know what a blog was, never knew TPT existed...and now I am thankful each month when I can now help my kids in any way I can as they go to college! What a blessing linking up with teachers have been!

Sometimes I wonder if anyone is out there...sometimes I wonder how to keep up with all these "new" way of connecting and creating...but I do know it has made me a better teacher...making packs for my students and now for other people has helped me find that creativity and then some!

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