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Friday, September 27, 2013

Science News For Students

This is a great science site for upper elementary classrooms that a colleague shared with me. Each story tries to explain difficult concepts in easy to understand language. He used it with upper grades.  At the end of the article, they have "Power Words" (vocab) from the article. My enrichment group that I am working with use these  stories to practice summarizing and main idea.  

There is also a section for teachers. In the upper right of the main page is a link "For Educators." Click the link then scroll down and there will be a section on the right called "In the Classroom." Click the read all stories link under that and it groups stories by topic, so you can quickly find articles that relate to the current science unit of your class. This site is a great way to have classroom teachers find ways to add more science rich stories into their day. 

The direct link is:

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