The Science School Yard: Busy Weekend

Monday, October 14, 2013

Busy Weekend

Well, this is the first time I am just sharing a bit about my busy life. I have been trying to add posts that help you out, but this weekend, boy was it busy. After school on Friday I drove with one of my daugthers and my college daughter's boyfriends family(phew), to Mankato. My son and husband stayed back for my son's last football game. My son's team won and was undefeated this season. Proud mama, my buddy was the quarterback. My 16 year old daughter had a volleyball tournament, they are first in the conference now. Yea! It took us 6 hours, stopping for 20 minutes to eat. I was soooo tired, but it was worth the drive to see my oldest. I walked my first 5K for a cool t-shirt. We went bowling and even a bit of shopping. It sure is great to see your child after a few weeks, but I was wiped out, however we still had time on Sunday to set up for my almost 14 year old's birthday party. We are throwing a murder mystery party at Bubba's Bar. Should be fun stuff. I will post some other science help this week. Stay tuned.

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