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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rock On!

Our third graders are learning to become geologists in science this week. We have used our "mock" rocks to test our measurement skills, and ability to understand what properties rocks, minerals, and crystals have. We learned that the type of crystal Mrs. Heinrich added to the recipe was kosher salt. Now onto the hardness test. We are trying to determine how geologists also test minerals for hardness. We used our finger nail, a penny, and a paper clip to see which one of our minerals was the hardest. We are still trying to work on perfecting our ability to determine which mineral is harder than the other. Our I/E group will be starting a new book from Science A-Z on rocks, minerals, and soil. This is one site I found some fun activities to do for our block.

I am also using these two sheets for my review on minerals and what geologists do.
Rock On Geologists

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