The Science School Yard: A Peek At My Short Week...

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Peek At My Short Week...

Just spent my day at an 8th grade girls' basketball tournament. Long day...boys didn't see a deer, but they didn't freeze even at 9 degrees. A propane heater in a ground blind helps.

We are so fortunate that we have been given Wednesday off for the first time ever. We certainly all need a break. We haven't had a break since Day 1.  So here is my two day plans... Monday evening, we are hosting a Thanksgiving STEM night. I helped organize this event to help our regular ed. teachers so that they didn't need another thing on their platters.  Science will be cranberry and popcorn activities. Technology will be students and parents using chrome books and I pad Thanksgiving sites and then a voyage in our school to locate their art project that is connected to an Aurasma presentation through our art classes. Engineering is a family challenge to make a "Mayflower" boat our of a piece of aluminum foil. Then, placing "pilgrims" or pennies in the boat to see how many passengers can fit before sinking. The winning boat wins a door prize. Math station with  Thanksgiving themes will round us off. I found a lot of great ideas for free off of TPT for this. We have over 79% of our student population on free and reduced, so we also have some great door prizes of food that we are giving out, as well as popcorn treats to eat with popcorn facts for everyone to see as they come to the popcorn feast.

To finish off my week, Tuesday, starting at 11:30 we host a family style Thanksgiving dinner for our entire school. We have our first graders performing for entertainment and each class decorates their tables. It is fabulous. This year, we have over 385 students so getting everyone sitting in our gym is very hard. After that, we will be hosting different events in our rooms. Students were able to sign up for what three events they want to be part of. I am hosting a science volcano event. Each person is building and exploding a volcano. I am doing a demo of Steve Spangler's volcano activity:

Happy Thanksgiving! Don't forget to take a peek at My fellow Wisconsinite's site where she is giving away a great Genre Pack!


  1. Oh my goodness...I TOTALLY LOVE your STEM Thanksgiving night. I am totally sharing this idea with my principal for next year. Love it!!

    Thanks for linking up & happy Thanksgiving!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. I just noticed from your email address that you are in Wausau...That's where my boys were hunting yesterday! My in-laws have a place in Brokaw. Small world!!


  3. Have a great holiday! I love your volcano experiment!
    Grade 4 Buzz