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Monday, November 4, 2013

A Peek At My Week

Photo: Callie and her volleyball team are on to state for volleyball!!!!!

Tomorrow morning, I am meeting with our high school Ag. teacher and Farm to School representatives to see if our high schools will be willing to grow veggies next spring for our lunchrooms. School Gardens rock.

Thursday, brings me to Neenah so that we can become a "Green School" that is nationally recognized for our school garden and healthy school. Have to say I am double daughter's team made it to state for volleyball and they play Neenah in Green Bay on Thursday night. Go Lumberjacks! I am such a proud mama!

As for school, our state testing takes our classrooms out of science a bit, but kindergartners are building bridges for the billys instead of dealing with the troll, first graders are working on bird research projects, second graders are working on weather and are learning about clouds... I will post my ideas later this week, fourth graders are working on their Holiday light factory, creating parallel and series circuits, and our fifth graders are using their flippers from FOSS to scale the walls of the castle walls of their classmates. Fun stuff in Science with Mrs. H.

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