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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Peek At My Week

Well, in our district, we are on a day one, two, three, four, five schedule this year. Confusing...yes, do we miss a day with our  So, teaching science all day looks kind of like this... my day ones, what might be a Monday for someone else, is actually on Thursday for me. Yikes, right?!? My Thursday, started like this.. Each day we start out with a fourth or fifth grade, followed by a third grade. My afternoons, are kindergarten, first, then second grade...each and every day, but day fives...Wednesday's right now. That is when most of my prep time is. Three days a week, I also teach an enrichment class of 15 kids in third grade. I teach reading, writing, science, and math to this group. They help pick out the concept they want to learn. This next unit, is space. So, I am organizing a space unit for them. At least, I get a chance to change it up a bit, but I do love teaching science. Our kids get so bogged down with learning every second, science lets them get some hands on fun, while learning.

I will post pictures this week once my kiddos start their new experiments. I can't wait to see if my fifth graders can make a catapult out of 10 tongue depressors and  two rubber bands to toss marshmallows into the air for them to catch in their mouths. I am working on the sheets to go with it today. I will share that free. Stay tuned.


  1. Such a clever teacher you are! I can only imagine how much fun your 5th graders will have catching those marshmallows.

    Thanks for linking up & have a great week!
    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. Wow... My head would be spinning with your schedule! Sounds like you use your time well though and your students are lucky to have you as a teacher!

  3. The best thing about my schedule is that I plan for 6 science lessons per week, compared to that each day like a regular ed teacher. I did that for 20 years. This is a great break. The enrichment class is just a bonus. I love the comments. Thanks for visiting!