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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Planting a Seed...

We met today as a farm to school group and we came up with a great idea to connect our farm to school sites...planting a seed. This is a way for people to leave comments and ideas for us to share. Each week, I will plant a seed of an activity or recipe we used in our after school or classroom curriculum that ties in our garden to life lessons. So here it goes, friends.

My first plant a seed...  comes to us through our need to include our high schools into our farm to school initiative. Today, we met with our high school Ag teachers and the food nutrition coordinator at our high schools.  The idea...We are growing cherry tomatoes this winter in our green houses. The tomatoes that we grow will be given to our lunchrooms as featured veggies and the Consumer Ed departments. The students will be using recipes to make things with tomatoes. Ideas were salsa and pasta salad. Our "woods" class could make raised beds, and our marketing classes could promote the products. Ag can promote that their club isn't just about cows or living on a farm, it is about gardening and more. Just some ideas for you as the cold weather brings us no fresh veggies, but time to plan for the spring.

Tomato Inspiration!

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