The Science School Yard: Pushing And Pulling Our Kindergartners

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pushing And Pulling Our Kindergartners

So, as we continue to develop our unit on push and pull, I am helping set up two different activities for you. The first one is an extension for push and pull. I read (paraphrased) the book Push and Pull... and then showed them different pictures that helped them understand the difference between the two types of motions. We modeled pushing and pulling and that sometimes it is both a push and a pull. We defined a push as a force that moves something away and a pull is a force that brings something closer. We did a Venne Diagram with pictures I included for you to use. We then went outside for a few minutes...brrrrr it was cold. We practiced pushing and pulling on the swings, slide, and Rocking Boat. We went back in to practice being on a row boat. We pushed and pulled our oars in our boat as we sat on the floor. Another great resource for push and pull ideas are from a fellow blogger at Chalk Talk.

push and pull cards Used in the Venne Diagram. Are we pushing, pulling or both.

               Our little rowers. Push the oars, pull the oars, push the oars, pull the oars...

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