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Friday, January 10, 2014

It's Friday My Friends...FOSS Friday

It is Friday, a day four and it is a heat wave here in Wisconsin. This morning already it is a whopping 21 degrees! Warmest day in!  This next week, is the last week of the quarter so it is crunch time for getting in one last quiz. Our poor kiddos haven't seen an outdoor recess in a while so in science we have done as much hands on fun stuff as we can. Our kinder kiddos are learning about the sun. I read...

They learned that the sun gives plants energy to grow. They learned that the sun is a star that looks big because it is the closest star too us. They learned how the Earth rotates each day and how we also revolve around the sun. It sure helps that we have four seasons so they can understand how we lean toward and away from the sun. We rotated, we revolved, we got closer and farther away and tested how something seems smaller as it moves away from us. We also did a drawing to show what we like to do in the sun. We sang Mr. Sun, Sun...

Oh, sun, how I have missed you!!!!
Our first graders are working on the FOSS unit pebbles, sand, and silt. Who doesn't like to go to the beach! I read the book Sand and then we traced the word sand, played in buckets of sand, and even got to take a shell home! 
They drew their favorite thing at the beach. Check out their ideas!
Our 3rd graders are learning the FOSS water lesson on thermometers. We practiced using real thermometers first and reviewed what we knew about reading and measuring temperature.
Fourth graders love the FOSS lesson on immobilized thumbs. I have been giving my bigs vocabulary sheets to fill in as they go so that they can take a sheet with them to review and study. Here is the link to what I gave the fourth graders. Joint Notes and Vocabulary (sorry no picture...I did it in word)

Fifth graders are focusing on solutes and solvents. The only good way that I could thing of for them to remember those words is that a vent must be turned on when you are boiling liquid. Solvent=liquid. We combine the citric acid and salt saturation lessons to do a competition...which is more soluble...citric acid or salt? The competition seems to be a lot more fun then doing the lesson separately. Here is the sheet I gave them. Saturation Sheet
Just some quick show and tell this week and how I made FOSS fun and academically sound.

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