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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Peek At My Week

Oh, my dear...with two days of inservice my days one-five are all mixed up. Tuesday will be a day 4 and then I start with new lessons on Thursday. Yikes. Hard to keep that straight. So, thanks to Mrs. Laffin's Laughings  (it is her birthday weekend!!!) I can systematically plan what I am going to do next week...even if my week doesn't start until Thursday this next week.

Our circus act in first grade will start off with...

This book gives an idea of what kinds of acts are at the circus. We will then review how we balanced our crayfish on our finger by demonstrating using a little circus music.

I then want to take a little assessment of where they are at. Can they show where they would place the counterweights?
                       Crayfish sheet

In second grade, I want to make sure I use some common core writing ideas to assess what they remember about separating soup mix. I had the kids create factories of workers to process the separation of the mix. They had to work as a team to see what company could separate more mix faster, cleaner, and safer. Here is the sheet I am using to see if they remember...

                     soup mix writing

Now onto the Water Unit. We finished up last week with ice in water. We are going to do the ice cubes in water activity for a review of hot water rises and cold water sinks. One of my science coworkers presented a question of the day on the board: You are in a pool and you notice a big temperature difference from the top of the water to the bottom of the water. Why would the water at the bottom be cooler and the top be warmer? What a great connection! Here is the sheet...

                     Ice In Water Review
As for the bigs... 4th grade is all set for the week, with the ligaments and tendons lesson from last. They are my day four and five. So with inservice I didn't get to see them yet. But my fifth graders are doing an activity with George's Marvelous Medicine. I read the chapter Grandma's Medicine and then we make marvelous medicine. I give them lemon juice, water, and sugar. They have to measure exactly and make a recipe unlike George. Then, they have to test could be there own. I have them pick numbers and label everything.
Snatch a free copy of my Marvelous Medicine...Mixtures and Solutions Lemonade Lesson here:)


  1. Love, love, love how you incorporate mentor texts into your science lessons! Are these activities all part of the FOSS system or did you come up with all of these great ideas? Such a variety! I bet your students LOVE science class with you!

    Stay warm, friend! Spring WILL come to Wisconsin soon.....I hope!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. I love George's Marvelous Medicine. Thank you for the freebie! I hope your inservice days are helpful. Have a great week.

    Fit to be Fourth

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