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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Peek At My Week

It is Tuesday, and I am sorry to not have posted about what my week looks like. It sure helps me in my own head! Lots of other stuff going on though. Got a call uncle died after a battle with Alzheimer's. Then, a call to tell me my closest cousin is coming home for a funeral of her own...her father in law, not to mention that her husband has skin cancer. Two funerals in one week...ugggghhh and cancer....YUCK!

My uncle lived next door to us when I was growing up. My favorite memory, you will all be jealous! is that he worked for Sundrop. I always had soda in a bottle after school. My dad delivered bread, so we always had sweet rolls, and their best friend worked for Frito Lay. Chips and soda for an after school snack. Not the healthiest of choices, but for a kid...YUM! He had a jute box and pool table in his basement and it was always fun going over and playing the songs. My favorite was TUSK by Fleetwood Mac!

Onto my week...
Kinders:  are working with air. We are doing the air sheet from the last post and reading the wind book. We added making fans to show how air molecules move and watching a wind song...

First graders:
We are focusing on how toys are modeled after things in nature and things in nature move just like toys. Seeds can move! They can glide, fly, slide, bounce, jump, roll, spin, and zoom! We read a great book that helped us connect FOSS with seed movement! I wanted to add some more vocabulary to their list, but still teach the FOSS lesson. I read the book and made helicopters. We copied the chart in our notebook and illustrated. Then we finished with a video clip to wrap up!

Second graders:
We are working on how to connect the worm unit to our FOSS plant unit. We are using the food chain to do that. I used the activities from TPT. First, we read What Eats What? We followed it with a vocabulary activity as a large group. We then moved to shoulder partners to share examples and ideas. We then sent them back to the tables to do some connection activities. We will finish up after vacation with an art project.  I used the STEM MOM pictures for my board activities...
Art Activity modified from Science For Kids...OCDiva's Food Chain Pack for the worksheets in their science notebooks. Thanks to all the fun freebies, TPT!

Third graders:
Sound discrimination is the lesson of the day. We reviewed the vocabulary...followed the FOSS lesson for the spelling game, figured Neha made a better game... and finished with this fun sound game!

Fourth graders:
Started their Solar System unit today. I am using the following lessons to the unit started. I also gave the kids a quick pretest to see what they know and what they want to learn. Why do they always want to learn about aliens? I also modeled seasons using myself and a student to demonstrate seasons and overhead projector and myself to demonstrate day and night. We discussed what the demonstration illustrated...they drew pictures...then they discussed the limitations of the demonstration. We followed up by having the kids check out the website to see if they can take what they learned. Both link sites are on my school link below.

Fifth graders:
We are continuing to learn about simple machines. We are using Caine's Arcade to learn about simple machines. We will be using Chrome books and my school blog to get them to focus on their lesson. I posted their lesson and sites on my school blog. Check it out!

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