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Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Little Pumpkins... Kinders and More

We started our little kinders on planting pumpkins this week. Aren't they cute reading simple one word directions: Scoop. Pat. Poke. Drop. Cover. Water. The picture clues helped, too. They did it by themselves as I watched over them just a bit. Then we worked on sequence of events. We learned: seed, sprout, plant, vine, yellow flower, green pumpkin, orange pumpkin, pick, make a pie! We put the words in order and acted them out. We finished with the pumpkin patch sequence activity I shared in a past post.

 I also wanted to share an idea I came up with to review the parts of the plant and their definitions. I used my vocab cards from my plant pack to put them on the board. The kids were instructed to move a part of their body to match the definition. Touch toes for roots, Wiggle legs and hips for stems, Wave arms for leaves, put goggles on for seeds, and hands around head for flower. It took a few times, but they really got it. I am all about vocabulary and kinesthetic learning.  They loved it.

I forgot all about this fun song and the video I used for a quick life cycle clip...something only littles would say: two ladybugs are mating. One little says "oh so cute...they're hugging!"

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