The Science School Yard: Monday Made It: Fixing Up The Place

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Made It: Fixing Up The Place

Now, that school is almost over, I start making a bucket list of everything I want to do this summer. Some of them are for my little classroom that I was able to get this year, instead of science on a cart or science in the library. I am very happy that my principal found me a little space to call my own. It isn't much, but this summer I want to figure out a way for  my room to look a bit more magical...scientific...sensational.

I am taking ideas if anyone has them on what would  make an exciting science room. I have some bee hives that I want to get hung on a branch for starters, as well as make over my dumpster diving chair and other found treasures. So this linky is perfect for me. It will get me motivated to get 'er done and post my progress. The other portion of my bucket list has to do with helping my daughter get ready for her first apartment. I can't wait to show you some of our furniture make overs as they get made over.

Thanks to Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for helping me complete some of my summer bucket list items!

I can't believe this transformation. I found some fabric that we were going to use for a project and let's just say I am working on a tight budget, so this free chair and already purchased fabric was a great combination.
Gross stains...yuck! I washed and scoured first people!

Not to shabby!
PNG Image
Another one of those bucket list items that I really wanted to make sure I made before the school year was out was one of those organized supply boxes that I have been seeing all over the internet. When I moved in to my new little space, I kind of threw things in drawers and now that things are winding down I want to figure out how to consolidate those items so I can actually find things. Our school budget is way down, so the items that I have accumulated need to come out of hiding and stored. This is what I was able to make. Not perfect, but again it hopefully will help me organize, unify my space, and get me motivated to do more. 
I have to finish the bottom, but I am not quite sure what to put in there yet! I am working on the pink files...gotta file or pitch!

Now, for a project my daughter and I were working on this week, too. I really am pushing to get one furniture project done per week. This week, was the kitchen chair project. She will have a tiny spot for a table and two chairs. These were our old chairs and the funky, updated chairs any college student could be proud of.


After! A stylish twist! 


  1. Super fun chair makeovers:) Thanks for linking up:)
    4th Grade Frolics

  2. It's so much fun decorating a classroom! My first year of teaching I taught science at 2 schools (50% at both) - one school I used a cart, the other I had my own room. Are you thinking garden with the bee hives? I found an abandoned nest with eggs that the kids love to look at. Or an ocean theme could be fun (and relaxing). Good luck!