The Science School Yard: Book Talk Tuesday...Jamberry and Jam Making

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday...Jamberry and Jam Making

This week, I am teaching my community connections classes how to make homemade freezer jam. Teaching students how easy making jam is will hopefully encourage them to make some at home with their families. We will be making a list of berries that we have eaten, picked, or heard of. We will survey which jam is their favorite...then we will make jam together. We be Jammin'!
Thanks again to Mrs. Jump's Class for hosting this book talk.
I love this next book for many reasons...
1. It is such a fun rhyming book that allows little ones to rhyme along with the book.
2. It is a fun way to add some science of cooking into your classroom
3. It is a great way to make connections such as jam tasting.

Here are some ideas for Jamberry...Jamberry Book Connections
Jam with this book! Rhyme with this book...and more!
Here is the sheet I will be using to make a writing connection. A freebie for you...
                                   Strawberry Jam Sheet Freebie

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