The Science School Yard: Tailgating Tales...Go, Pack, Go!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tailgating Tales...Go, Pack, Go!

I was a young girl of 16 the last time I went to a Packer game. I remember how cold it was way back when... however Friday, I got to go to another Packer game 28 years later. This time, I got to go with my son who has never been to a game yet and he is a BIG Packer Fan and loves to play football, and my 14 year old daughter and my dear husband.

 My oldest, knows someone with a skybox that couldn't use the tickets, so let's just say we went high class. No lines at the bathroom, free popcorn for us, and air conditioned room.   It is a tradition to start off by tailgating. We headed in for the game...which we WON! Went to the rooftop to look out over the field, amazing view! We even finished off the night with a little PDA. He held my hand!

Our two youngest...tailgating before the game...Packer Tradition!

A few goodies before the game! Grillin' and Chillin'

This was how close our parking spot was! It is good to know people!

From our box seats...indoors...I have to say outside is where the action is at though...but I am NOT complaining...we ended our summer well!
Good times! Good times! Now...back to school next week. My days are numbered!

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