The Science School Yard: It's My Birthday...Let's Celebrate!

Monday, September 15, 2014

It's My Birthday...Let's Celebrate!

It's my birthday Tuesday. I am 40 something. The second number is getting way to scary. I can now round up. Yikes. I have been working hard to add some new items on TPT and was thinking why not have everyone celebrate with me on my big day. I am throwing a sale! Here is my newest addition... and the link to my store...
This one was made to go with the FOSS kit I have to use. I have used a ton of different variable activities and wanted to compile them. Here is what I put together...

Check out some of there castle catapults!
Try this fun STEM extension!

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  1. Hope you have an enjoyable birthday! ( You share a birthday with my Dad) : )