The Science School Yard: Measuring Up In The Garden

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Measuring Up In The Garden

It is that time of year, harvest time and a bit of frost coming our way, however that doesn't stop us from getting out in the garden with kids. Today, our third graders practiced measuring in the garden after...OMG...first off learning that a ruler isn't for weighing things. friends...starting from ground level ZERO. Well, I guess all we can do is go up from there. I first created stations for the indoors. Did I tell you that I have a smartboard! I put up the stations on the smartboard and they wrote their answers down after checking their partner's work.

Station 1: Length...measuring with a ruler, measuring with the metric system, and practicing measuring scissors, markers, and our pencil box.

Station 2: Weight...measuring in grams the scissors, markers, and an item that fits in the cup.

Station 3: Volume...measuring in ml 25 ml, 50 ml, and 32 ml.

Now, out to the garden to practice length, weight, and volume.

length...the circumference of our pumpkins and tomatoes.
Tomatoes...our September Harvest of the Month

weight...10 cherry tomatoes in grams

Volume...40 ml of water to water a plant.

A garden of knowledge was happening today! Measuring up is our goal. Next week, a quick quiz and then back to our garden. Active learning is where it is at. You can not believe the retention of information in our outdoor classroom!

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