The Science School Yard: The Sunday Scoop

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Sunday Scoop

I love peace and quiet some days. Today, while my family is watching the Packer Game, I get the computer, a quiet room, and time to just blog and hop. I have  The Crayon Box Learning Blog as one of my favorites and as I was visiting her new post I came across a fun new linky for me! The Teaching Trio has this fun Sunday linky when I have a bit of time to play along. Yea!

So here goes...The Sunday Scoop!

Scoop 3: I have so many things to do to get ready for me week. In my district, we have day 1-5, not Monday-Friday. It can be confusing. So, Monday, is a day 5 and my prep day. Seeing over 400 K-5 kiddos is awesome, but to prep...time consuming. I need to get the stations and sheets ready for groups that need some review or easier activities to show me what they know.  After blogging, I will need to get down to business.

Scoop 2: I was so good this summer, I made over 12 new products on TPT. I have a few more to finish up on that I really need to finish so that I can use them. I started testing some of the sheets on my first grade kiddos and I noticed they aren't quite ready to write sentences or follow too many directions. Scale it on my list, but the new NGSS science standards are not easy by any means. Is anyone else out there using the Teach Scape model of evaluation? Yikes. SLO's, PPG's, Rating scales using 4 domains. Entering evidence. OMG. TMI. Too many acronyms.  I can't keep up. I have to do that today to. I am putting that off. Let me know if you are also under the same model. I won't feel so alone.

Scoop 3: I have been running all week. I wanted to just sit. I got the chance today! I am happy to do that. I only was bothered two times by two different kiddos. They are working on their Christmas lists and wanted to share. I guess I have to start on Scoop 3 and 2 pretty soon. TTYL.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am sitting here in my JETS tee shirt, but I know the Packers are a good team! I love your signature. Funny.. we share the same first name! I am going to go look around your blog! ; )

  2. I totally understand you! We're always running around so much - sometimes we just want to stop and sit!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    - Lucy