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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Science I Cans...

This week in the science room... we are sharing our I can's with the staff. Here is what we are up to this week!

K= I can experiment with smell.

1=I can understand that amphibians are cold blooded animals that hathch from an egg and go through various stages of development. I can compare amphibians to mammals. 

2=I can reflect on what air resistence means by showing evidence. I can prove that air can be compressed and that compressed air can move things. 

3= I can explain the many properties of the mock rock. I can compare what I am doing to what geologists do to help identify real rocks and their properties. I can identify the circumference, diameter, and depth of my mock rock. 

4=I can use a compass and iron filings to detect a magentic field. I can create a compass using common items. 

5=I can test a variable using lifeboats to show the number of passengers a boat can hold and that it is affected by variables such as placement, water movement, and boat size. I can define capacity. 

We are also starting something pretty sweet...Nearpod a free app on the ipad. This program is a science to use and easy to assess the students' progress. I am using it with my 4th and 5th graders this week to check their understanding of magnets and variables. Each class has 7 ipads and if we pool the pads we can have a set for a whole class. Here is what it looks like...

You can create, test, use as a large group, small group, seat work (homework), or one on one. It sends you a report to check how each student is doing, as well as let's you see where the kids are struggling.
What a great tool to use! My only suggestion...use it as homework and not a live session. Otherwise, you have to wait for everyone to get to the next step before everyone can do it. I will work out the glitches...and keep trying to find ways to assess. Got any suggestions or apps you use?

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