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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Weather...or Not?

My kiddos use the FOSS Weather module and I wanted to create a packet that they could use that combined everything they needed to cover as well as assimilate NGSS standards in a fun way...planning a trip! What is the weather and climate like where each group is going? With the help of a travel agent...the teacher, and a meteorologist...them, it is bound to be a great trip.

I have been using this pack to get my 2nd graders a bit more excited about the weather unit, but still using the FOSS lessons to incorporate the creation of the tools and plans they have. I love using the sheets on my smartboard so that we can review what we did and see the vocabulary and pictures when needed. 

My Classroom Teachers love the QR Code Vocabulary Review Game! Our school focus is vocabulary!

I made a packet with all of the sheets for the kids to work on. I will use several of the sheets for review.
I can't wait to post pictures this week of this packet in action!

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