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Thursday, November 20, 2014


We use FOSS in our district as our core means to teach science. It is now time to switch over many of my boxes and kits to new ones. One of the kits that I (let's just say...don't care for as much) try hard to love is Solids and Liquids for our 2nd graders. Beans and seeds everywhere, words they don't ever remember...

I needed to work on each grade level...for my PPG/SLO...or I might be SOL. I was under a ton of pressure...(put there by myself) finish  a new pack for my second graders by...

Next week! I did it! And I kind of am excited about the fun that will be had with FOSS as the basis. I made a lapbook for them to study...and fun connections for my classroom teachers to do. I only get them once a week:( Here is what I am starting next week!

FOSS Lapbook connections will help my 2nd Graders with Vocabulary

We took the test today and I previewed the packet with them...they are SO excited!

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