The Science School Yard: Sunday Scoop...Widow Weekend!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Scoop...Widow Weekend!

It's Sunday again and I am enjoying some alone time. One daughter is at work, while the other is at volleyball. My boys are I have time to blog, create, and post. Thanks to our blogger friends at Teaching Trio we can share the scoop with each other. Here's my Sunday Scoop!

We have a two day week this week and I am so excited to have some much needed time off! And with all of my kiddos under my roof again...I AM SOOO excited!!!! I also love pumpkin and pecan pie, green bean casserole, and fresh cranberry sauce!  Okay...turkey too, but the other stuff makes it. I almost hit a turkey today as I was driving in the fog...could have been a "free bird"! Cue the music.

So, the Sunday scoop on the deer hunters...they saw 7 bucks and 3 does and a bear on the deer cam before hunting season...ZERO deer while actually hunting. Boo hoo. Still one more week though.

Christmas is coming and I swore this year, no gifts on credit cards...trying to get that puppy down. Not sure if I can do it...but I certainly will try. Well, back to my creations! I want to finish my Water pack this week for my kiddos.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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