The Science School Yard: Wordless Wednesday...Ice Crystals

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday...Ice Crystals

            this might sound silly, but...

I hate winter and cold weather and indoor recess! Sounds bad coming from someone who lives in Wisconsin, but I do have to admit that when I was driving with my daughter this weekend...the trees, bushes, grasses...everything was covered in crystally ice. It was pretty breathtakingly beautiful!
Wordless Wednesday...the crystals in the sun were amazingly beautiful! Coming from someone who hates the cold...

As for the type of writing I a science teacher...informative using Great Short Answer and science notebooks.

                 Today, I am linking up with Sugar and Spice. Check out Miss DeCarbo's Site for other great pics and blogs.

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  1. I will fully admit I could not live where it snows all the time. However, the picture is beautiful. I would like to visit, I just don't want to

    Luv My Kinders