The Science School Yard: Engineering Connections Towers and Coasters

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Engineering Connections Towers and Coasters

This week, I used two great picture books to tie in science and engineering...and presto...bammo...
two new freebies for you! I read the book, set the mood and tone of the project...even went on a coaster ride with kiddos...both projects were FAB...U...LOUS! Check out my Science School Yard TPT Store for both sets today!

In the meantime...check them out in action!
They are on a roller coaster ride...once done they saw the ride as a little asked..."Is that us on there?"
Roller coasters go up, down, fast, and change directions!

Our art teacher made these last week and we both read the story! What a cool connection!

The sheet in action.
Noodle Towers....

Paper Towers...


Tall Towers!!!

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