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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

So Predictable...Those Kinders

Our kinders are working on setting up experiments to test their here is there little the song High Ho The Dairy-O. A prediction is a guess, a prediction is a guess...high ho the dairy-o A prediction is a guess.

They LOVED it. We predicted where our car would land on a yardstick. Our partner marked the spot and we tried to "push" the car to the spot. Then we predicted if a big hill would make our car go faster. We marked our graph with a sticky tab, then I demonstrated big hills and small hills. We saw the outcome. Then...the kinder kiddos got to set up the same experiment. The finished with a race between the partners...predict who will go farther...Science is FUN!

Predicting where the car will be pushed reinforces number recognition!

Reviewing push and pull through experimentation!
A big hill makes our cars go farther!!!!

I use the sheets for the kiddos from my Force and Motion Pack!

Check out this fun link for push and pull review...

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