The Science School Yard: Solving Solutes vs. Solvents!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Solving Solutes vs. Solvents!

A solution is a type of mixture that is homogeneous...same throughout...

It is the best mixture between two or more substances...can be separated...

Solutions are made up of a solute and a solvent. Solvent does the dissolving the solute is lesser it is the substance gets dissolved... Let's sing it kids...

Great way to start the best way to remember vocabulary...let's sing and take notes!

Here is a link to a sheet I made reviewing the song and an experiment separating a mixture with a screen, filter, and evaporation.  FOSS friendly!  Mixtures and Solutions Sheet. Another FREEBIE for you!
This is a great way to remember solute...solvent...the three ways we separate a mixture...screen...filter...evaporation. FOSS review for you! And a song to wrap it all up in a bow!

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