The Science School Yard: Liquid to Solid...Buttering It Up!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Liquid to Solid...Buttering It Up!

This week, we combined the our FOSS science unit...Solids and Liquids into a fun Farm to School connection! Our 2nd graders learned how to make butter! I first ask the kiddos how milk gets to the store. Then, we show the vimeo video The Milk Maker from the Reading Rainbow found at  After we watch up to 20 minutes and the cow says "Moo", we stop to work on our sheet that I made.. in my Milk Makers: Let's Make Butter Pack.

This is the poster I made to do a writing project with...How to make butter!

Our Cow add to our recipe writing project!

7-10 minutes is all it takes!
Fresh butter is YUMMY!

Here is all you need to make a liquid into a solid. An udderly fun activity!
Tomorrow...the butter is getting used in our harvest of the month activity...why wheat bread is better for you than white bread...and which tastes better on it...butter or margerine? Stay tuned...

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