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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Currently March...In Like A Lion

You know the old like a lion...out like a lamb? It has been cold here in Wisconsin, but the snow keeps missing us. We haven't had a break since winter vacation...and the kids...and teachers are in need of a little break...if you ask me. March always seems to make me a bit happier though...snow starts to melt and we can start planting our garden seeds indoors. Hello...March!

Currently...Farley...Over AT Oh' Boy 4th Grade is hosting a linky party! See what I am doing Currently...

Loving...a great week! When I visited my oldest in college last month, we ate at a restaurant called Massad's...great, quick Greek restaurant! They were holding a contest for selfies. She took a selfie and entered. It was posted on Facebook last week to vote for the top 10 pictures. What a great opportunity to make $500 for college! She won! Whoo Hoooooo!!!!

Thinking...Now it is time for our second oldest to finish scholarships so that she can also get some help with college. She will be headed to La Crosse this fall...wanting to be a doctor...we shall see.

Spring Break plans are in action to help us get through this long month...we are planning a quick trip to St. Louis with my kids in tow...we haven't been there with husband is off to Disney with his baseball we are picking up our college daughter and then driving down to St. Louis. A ton of driving in one day to make all of the time there worth it. We have to get her back to college by Tuesday morning!

Anyone think of some fun things to do there? Send it my way!!!! Happy March!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Renee. Congrats to your daughter winning the selfie contest - that's pretty cool! Good luck on your other daughter's college preparations. In a year or two, my wife and I will be in the same boat. :)

    Have fun in St. Louis. We have family there and always have a great time. Some of our favorite places include the City Museum (a must see for children of all ages), Grant's farm and of course the arch, if you've never been there.

    Math is FunDamental

  2. I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE St. Louis! My grandparents own a house in a small town about 45 minutes outside of there. We always go to Grant's Farm, the Arch, and take a tour of the brewery.

    Fabulous Fun in Grade 1

  3. That is awesome that you're daughter won the selfie much FUN!! Have safe travels to St. Louis and enjoy your time there!

    180 Days and Counting

  4. Well congrats on winning that money! Great for a college student (and her mom)! Sounds like you have a really fun spring break planned. Mine will be all about cleaning my house!
    Teachers Are Terrific!