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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Currently July!

July...oh how I love you...let me count the ways!!! One: it's our families favorite holiday! Tie Die Time this weekend! Two: it's about sitting at the lake and relaxing as a family! Three: It's summer! Time to be creative and have the time to do it! Currently...I am thanking Farley...over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for hosting Currently! What a fun way to link up with great teachers all over the U...S...of A and all around!
Listening to... I woke up early because I really wanted to get Currently done! It's already the 2nd. I went in to get the dog up in my daughter's room...and it was a tornado! I got her up a bit early to do some cleaning before we head up north!

Loving that... all my family and their boyfriends will be staying with us for the weekend! Who doesn't love grilling out...smores...bean bag toss...fireworks...

Thinking that...I need to head over to the grocery store and pick up the food for the weekend...I made a list and checking twice to not forget anything!

Wanting to...go to Vegas, but I really have to use my extra money to help my two lovlies with college expenses! I have wanted to go for two years, but I just can't find a way. I hope everyone shares some great things they walk away with. I would sure like to connect with you out there to learn more about how you all are so good about finding time to do guys rock!

Needing to...make connections like the presenters are saying in their downloads. Would love to hear what you need from a science teacher...what other science teachers are doing in their classrooms,..and some great tips we can all get from each other...

I am an all star at...moving things forward. We took this test at school during an inservice and I always knew I was a NORTH. I get an idea and I go with it. That is probably why we have a school garden as quick as we did! Give me an idea...the means to do it...the artistic freedom...and I will make it happen.

Have a great fourth!
It's strawberry picking time here in is sweet!


  1. Hi Renee!

    I, too, wish I could attend the TpT conference in Vegas! I have never been to Vegas before so I think that would be an adventure on it's own. It sounds like you are going to have a fantastic 4th of July weekend! I hope you have lots of fun time with your family! :-D

    Christine from The Math Nerdette

  2. I'm not having family over, but I should definitely head to the grocery store! I can't even begin to tell you the last time I went! Coming from a new to first grade teacher, how can I incorporate science into my daily reading lessons. We do not have a "science block" and my teammate and I are trying to do as much as we can! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family!

    Fabulous Fun in Grade 1

  3. Loving your currently! I am also gutted to not be going to the TpT conference in Vegas! I'm sure all our fellow TpTers will keep us updated with everything that is going on! :)

    Teaching Autism

  4. We spent time in Wisconsin last summer- have a fun, relaxing trip!

  5. My daughter has a talent for creating tornado rooms as well!
    The strawberries looks delicious!
    Mrs.B's Classroom Adventures