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Friday, July 31, 2015

STEM Nursery Rhyme Time!

I use to have this nursery rhyme record when I was little that I had at my grandma's house. I LOVED that record and I knew every nursery rhyme by heart. Our littles now really do not know them very well. Some do...some don't. Last year, I tried to find a way for my kinders to engineer. So, I started taking simple books to get them excited. We made puppets of the three billy goats...which I am working on now and we made bridges to learn over...under...all that good stuff! They LOVED it.

Throughout the year, I kept trying new stories and rhymes to find ways to use simple supplies to have my littles engineer! They have built stamina and used creativity to make some great zip lines...egg protectors...and learned how to use pulleys!

This summer, I have been working on packs that incorporated all of the ideas that I did this last school year!
STEM Nursery Rhyme Time In Action!
Hey, Diddle, Diddle link...catapults, fiddle engineering, and more!

Humpty Dumpty Link...Egg Protectors, Walls, and more!

Jack and Jill link...Pulleys, Handle Helpers, and more...

Miss Muffet Link...Zip Lines and Tuffets and more!

We've been busy this summer engineering! With simple supplies...and simple steps...your students can be building stamina...creativity...and problem solving skills while connecting with reading, writing, and math! Just in time for back to school! NGSS science standards are linked to each lesson as well!

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