The Science School Yard: The Three Bears Rock!

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Three Bears Rock!

So after four years of teaching the different names for the different sizes of rocks...I finally...finally figured out a better way to teach the three major rocks in our lesson...Pebbles...Gravel...Sand.

Why not take a story that they know...the Three Bears and make it add up! We have three different sized screens...A papa bear screen...a mama bear screen...and a baby bear screen! I retold the kiddos the story of the bears, but I added that Goldilocks also took their rock collection they had from a trip to the beach and mixed up all of their treasures! Papa Bear's Pebbles, both large and small are mixed up with Mama Bear's gravel, both large and small...and you know how Baby Bear just loves playing in the sand and now his sand he brought back from the beach is now all mixed up!

What should they do? Can we help? Let's take Papa Bear's BIG Screen and use it to separate his pebbles...and the medium sized screen to separate Mama Bear's gravel and then the little screen to separate the little gravel from Baby Bear's sand!

I model it for them...then we play a matching game with the pictures of the outcome I want and the word cards...miraculously they matched them up almost immediately!

Who would have thunk?

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