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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Building Engineers!

Our school is getting a significant addition for the next school year! We are adding 4-K classrooms, a bigger lunchroom, and more classrooms. Not to mention...I will have my own room!!!!!!!!!! I am currently teaching in the teachers' lounge.

I am taking this opportunity to have my students observe how a foundation is built, how buildings need a plan, and how everyone has to work together to complete the job! This week, our second graders are finishing their solid part of the FOSS solids and liquids unit. What a great time to add a STEM activity...building a skyscraper!
Here are some of their creations...
All you need is Jenga blogs and cardstock paper and this STEM activity is a hit!

The students have to take into account cost. Each Jenga piece they use costs one dollar! We discussed how to get a bid for building...costs of building...and creating a strong product!

They must work as a team and if it knocks down, they must modify and adjust to build a stronger foundation...

First:  I asked them what it takes to create a skyscraper or better yet an addition to a school? We looked at the plans that we have of our new addition and school.

Second: We discussed what they might see when we take a look outside? And what is a foundation?

Third: We went on our field trip! Take a look at what we got to see!

He was inches away from the window! They watched him scoop dirt up...dump it...then pound it down! It was pretty amazing!

Finally: We went back to read a book and build a skyscraper!

This book was a great connector for what we were about to build. Each jenga piece was worth one dollar and they had to build the skyscraper with the most floors! They had to be architects first and create a plan just like the one I showed them of our new addition! They worked so hard!

What a great way to tie in something that is happening around you. What mini-field trip can you take your kiddos on? What can they see on your school grounds? Don't forget to check out the Skyscraper freebie for your little engineers {FREEBIE HERE}!
Engineering Connections With Picture Books: Towers

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