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Science Sounds Good!

We are in our FOSS Sound Unit right now. This is probably one of my favorites because it is more hands on fun for my students! We use this kit in 3rd grade. Not sure if you use FOSS as well, but there are some great additional activities that I add to make it even more spectacular!

FOSS fun with additional ohhhh...yea!

1. sound discrimination...learn about sign language and Morse code.

2. sound discrimination...make fun sound containers for your students to try to match up to see how good they are at discriminating sound

3. telephone...you are grounded and need to talk to your best friend who is your neighbor. There is a window directly across from you. How can you communicate without getting caught? What could you create or build...STEM!
Here is the typical telephone that is made, however....
Here a group thinks outside the box and makes a conveyor belt system to pass notes along!
4. Xylophone, kalimba, and water bottles...make your own instrument for our rock band! Ask your music teacher to share fun instruments that integrate little=high pitch...big=low pitch. We use boomwhackers and xylophones as well as guitars!

Here is a great link that has a huge amount of sound activities for kids...called Chrome Music Lab. It is a great station activity to extend your sound unit!

Here is a great video to show musical instruments and Rube Goldberg fun, too!

And a great book tie with tons of facts...

Here is a freebie for you! Time to Form a Rock Band! Next week, that is what we will be doing! Can't wait to rock on!
Hope this sounds like fun!

Assembly Line Science and Giveaway!

OK...so do you ever have one of those days where your lesson goes just amazing! I wanted to do something with my second graders this week to celebrate the teachers at my school...so I created this Assembly Line Plant Pack to find a fun way to add to our plant unit! Check this fun out!

We started with an anchor chart to find out what positive qualities that they had and could use to do a great job. We compared those ideas with what teachers do each and every day! They are a perfect match...hard worker, positive, team player...the list goes on!

Children and Adults should have these attributes!
Then, they got to apply for jobs...work at "The Plant" and make an adorable plant bag filled with everything a teacher needs (you could do this for Father's Day or Mother's Day...Summer classes...you name it!)
Coloring crew...

A work in progress at "The Plant"!

Soil specialists...no dirt bags here!

Hard at work to make beautiful Teacher Appreciation gifts!

Seed packs ready to go...
Time for delivery!
I was so amazed as to how well the students worked together to show all of the best qualities of a hard worker! Assembly Line Science is a great way to add reading, writing, science to your end of the year/summer fun!

There is still time to sign up for tomorrow's $10 gift card giveaway! Leave your email and I will contact the winner by noon tomorrow! Congrats, Tess for being today's winner!


Teacher Appreciation Giveaway!

I am so appreciative of all the teachers out there that have made my job easier through guidance and support. I am so appreciative of all that you do to make learning fun for kiddos all over the world! I am so appreciative off all the teachers and visitors that come to visit me here in the Science School Yard...I sometimes wonder if there is anyone out there...TPT is celebrating you and so am I.

Please help me celebrate! The rules are simple! Leave a comment below this post with your email, and I will randomly choose 2 winners for a $10 TPT Gift Card. One gift card per day for Tuesday and Wednesday's Sale. Easy! Winners will be chosen by noon 5/4. Shop at the Science School Yard TPT Store for great science lap books, FOSS extensions, STEM activities,  and more. K-5 Science is what I do best each and every day!

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget that everything in my store is 20% off May 3rd and May 4th! With an extra special TPT code CELEBRATE that will give you additional savings at the check out!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
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