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Sneak Peek

Have you ventured over to Mrs. Laffin's Laughin' ? She does a fun linky party to take a look at everyone's week. 
I have been busy planning for next week, now that my day 1 is on Tuesday. Last week, I sure was busy taking some pictures of our busy day. Take a look at how FOSS can be fun...
Kindergartners are working on things that move. We move and so do objects, but friction is when things rub together, which makes things go fast or slow. Here is their experiment...
cars and balls go fast, and blocks and rock go slow...friction
My firsties, were rock hounds once again. They separated and sifted rocks and we got this great book from a TPT seller that I am sharing with you:)  https://drive.google.com/a/wausauschools.org/?tab=mo#search/my%20rock%20book  Thanks Angela Potter!

Our second graders used solids to build towers, but not before we had them learn all about being architects, engineers, and constructions workers by using Gail Gibbons book . We then worked on a sheet that helped us plan what we wanted our tower to look like and what materials we would use. Our skyscraper needs a strong foundation!
Now, onto our third graders, we were working with surface tension. You know the one where we see how many beads of water can fit on a penny. We did that, but then we added some pizzazz. We learned about how water bugs can stand and even walk on water. We then used the crayola site I added on an earlier post, here is what they drew...
Water bugs are cool!

  Fourth graders are learning to become doctors, nurses, CNA's, by taking their first medical class. Next week, however I am working on finishing a QR code scavenger hunt for them. I can't wait to share it with you! In my last post I showed you what I did with my biggest kiddos, mixtures and solutions stations and qr code review. They loved it! Thanks for taking a peek at my week.


Here's That Peek...

First Grade geologists... just a little something for their interactive science notebook. Here is the sheet I started with to use as an assessment.
Geologists in 1st

Sorting rocks is fun. We sorted them by shape, size, color, and texture.  This is our writing part of our science activity. We predicted where our rock came from.
 Look what happens to our rocks when they get wet...they change. The firsties were amazed at the colors they could see!

We started our water unit. I love this activity. Came up with it on the fly. I read the book Simply Science Water.  The students took 6 pieces of paper in different water shades. I read the story and they listened and took notes.  They glued the pieces on the paper and Viola, a great visual for them outside the Science room!

Our 5th graders, finished their Variable Unit. They were able to finish with a fun day, Engineering Style. Each group was given 10 tongue depressors, and 4 rubber bands. They each build a marshmallow catapult using what they knew from the lessons. They had so much fun! You should see how good some of them are at catching marshmallows in their mouths! 
 Different designs ...
These boys had some great techniques to catching marshmallows. 
 We finished off the hour building a control designed airplane. Then, we changed one thing to see if it made our planes fly better. We then went outside. See that bloggers...snow. It was hard to see some of the planes. It was like they got sucked into the Bermuda Triangle. The winner got airplane designs and a pack of paper to build some new models.

So, there was a peek at my week. I started the lessons on Thursday and will finish the other classes by the time we get back from break. My kinders, 2nds, and 4ths are learning new lessons, too. I will include some pictures as we go. This was just a little peek of my week.


Peek At My Week

Well, in our district, we are on a day one, two, three, four, five schedule this year. Confusing...yes, do we miss a day with our kids...no.  So, teaching science all day looks kind of like this... my day ones, what might be a Monday for someone else, is actually on Thursday for me. Yikes, right?!? My Thursday, started like this.. Each day we start out with a fourth or fifth grade, followed by a third grade. My afternoons, are kindergarten, first, then second grade...each and every day, but day fives...Wednesday's right now. That is when most of my prep time is. Three days a week, I also teach an enrichment class of 15 kids in third grade. I teach reading, writing, science, and math to this group. They help pick out the concept they want to learn. This next unit, is space. So, I am organizing a space unit for them. At least, I get a chance to change it up a bit, but I do love teaching science. Our kids get so bogged down with learning every second, science lets them get some hands on fun, while learning.

I will post pictures this week once my kiddos start their new experiments. I can't wait to see if my fifth graders can make a catapult out of 10 tongue depressors and  two rubber bands to toss marshmallows into the air for them to catch in their mouths. I am working on the sheets to go with it today. I will share that free. Stay tuned.
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