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Popcorn and Five Senses In Science

This week, we are wrapping up our five senses in kindergarten. What a perfect opportunity to find an inexpensive treat for some science fun! Let me show you how to integrate math, reading, and writing as well all by using Popcorn!

I went and bought a new popcorn popper for my kindergartners so that they could utilize all five. Not only can they see the popcorn popping, the can hear it, smell it, then feel it once it cooled down, and then finally taste it! I add a bit of salt to the bowl and we are good to go!

Let's Get Popping:

1. First set rules for how far they need to sit away from the popper. They will worry they won't get to see, but to be safe set up a barrier or a table they need to watch from.

2. Once popped and the senses that were reviewed and property words shared, send them back to their spots where you can set out a napkin or paper towel. I give each group a cup of salted popcorn and share that this is what they will get for the five senses activity.

3. I create an anchor chart that we then review with taste being the last one that we do. The words they describe are what I write down. We feel and describe, share what we smelled and describe, share what we see heard (it's hard to say anything, but pop...), and then we taste it!

4. While they are eating, I love popping up Epic Books, free to teachers, and finding The Popcorn Book by Tomie dePaola. I paraphrase for my kinders so they can understand the pictures.

5. When everyone is finished we head to the carpet for our Google Interactive Smartboard game! These slides are the best! I can have students come to the board after rewarding them for making good choices, listening right away, doing their work. I give out Smartboard Sticks with numbers on them. If I have 8 slides I give 8 sticks out and so on.

The students one at a time then go up and use the movable pieces to show what they know. It is a great way to assess if they understand the concepts! You can find the Popcorn digital activity and Stations HERE. 

6. When we are finished, we then work on more science along with writing and math connections. I use my popcorn packet to have students use the anchor chart to fill in a five senses chart of their own. The next station, I place out a jar with salt and seeds inside for them to observe. I also love dancing popcorn. Check out this video:

I included a free download for this activity HERE.

7. The math activity includes giving each of my students a popcorn bucket pattern or the real things from the Dollar Store. I make the different numbers on popcorn shapes that then go in a popcorn bag or bucket or even just turned around in the middle of the table. Students then turn two cards over, use real or paper popcorn patterns to count it out. They love this!

Popcorn and Senses a perfect combination! Pop on over to my store for other popcorn fun!
Shop Science School Yard TPT store!

What's Up Doc? Carrots!!!!

Our kindergartners are finishing up their senses activities. Why not use our school garden to teach all five senses! We used our five senses by picking carrots! We looked at the tops...then the bottoms! We felt them before and after we pulled them out of the ground. We smelled the fresh carrots and tried to describe the smell carrots have. They smell "carroty". We crunched them and they tasted sweet and yummy! I love the discoveries that were made!

1. Plant's leaves help us figure out what each plant is!
2. Even when the leaves are the same size, the carrots can be very different sizes.
3. Carrots are a root.
4. We eat the orange part and it grew under the ground.
5. We love pulling carrots out of the ground...it makes us laugh...smile...and squeal!
I love the smiles on their faces when they pull the carrots out of the ground! It's a big one!

And the winner of the biggest carrot of the day goes to these two gardeners!

We taught leaf structure...take a look at those leaves...it is a ground cherry plant. He pulled it out and looked for orange by the roots...weren't there. What a great teachable moment!

We went inside to write down our five senses reflections. How do carrots feel...smell...look...sound...taste?

Here are the carrots that they picked. After each kindergarten class is done...they will be shared in our lunchroom!

Our school garden helps each and every student grow! Here is the sheet we used to reflect on our activity! I thought I would help you plant a seed!

Carrots and Our Five Senses Freebie


Apple Time in Science Class!

Our school is getting bigger next year. We are adding sections of Pre-K and 4 other classrooms onto our existing school building. We also purchases some land that will be used for a road for a new pick up system. The good thing is...we have five apple trees to use that is on the newly purchased land! The sad news...the trees will be cut down this year to make room for the road.

I am all for opportunities! I asked if I could take as many kids as I could over to the next lot to use the apple trees as a learning tool! My principal said yes! All Kindergartners and first graders have been able to learn about apples this week. I started off with some great freebies from TPT, but I needed to make it my own.

 I have one hour to teach a ton! I want every moment to count. My kinders are learning about the five senses....so I needed to get them to write or draw very simply!

 I want them all to do a taste test. I want them to all find treasures for our "treasure tray!"  This was a great idea to have the little put the fun things they found on the ground in one place and then share it all together inside!

Here are the sheets that I redid to work for my kiddos! Here is are the apple freebies for you!

I hope these ideas are "apple"ing to you! I also hope it helps you see how science can be simple! Grab a bag of apples...print a sheet...read a great book like Apples by Gail Gibbons...and you are all set to go! Make moments any time you can! ( I even snuck some new vocabulary in the mix...tart is a fun word to comprehend...just give them a Granny Smith...!)

Here is the whole Apple FREEBIE pack ready for you to download with even more activities!


Linking up and a giveaway!

I am linking up for a blog reveal this week...Sasha at Sasha's Creations N' Things is having a  BOGO, Giveaways...and so much more!  Check out her sweet TPT Store Sasha's CreationsSasha's Creations & Things
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To celebrate this new beginning for her...I am also holding a sale on Thursday.  Don't forget to enter  the giveaways this week as well as follow us...you could win a free Kindergarten-1st Grade 5 Senses Science Pack  or one of the other great Packs just in time for the new school year!

                            Come celebrate blogging, giveaways, and fun!

Popcorn Poppin' Freebie and 5 Senses

Today, starts my new week. Kinders are wrapping up their 5 senses with popcorn. I handed out a kernel to each kinder while they entered the room. We reviewed our five senses through our song to Bingo each time we meet...I have five senses yes I do I use them every day-o. Ears, eyes, nose, mouth, hands...you get it...they love it. We belt it out now that we have sung it 5 times. We started by watching the popcorn popper, shared our descriptive word, and made a chart. We then felt one popped corn and then got a whole cup to eat...YUM! We finished up with the writing of our words in the popcorn kernels at our seats.
The kernel is hard, pointy, and brown. 

We watched it pop, wondered where the moisture comes from, and learned why popcorn pops!
We filled out the popcorn chart using our 5 senses, then...

finished up with this freebie for you!

The kinders loved eating popcorn and reviewing the 5 senses!

Popcorn Activity Sheet Freebie
Thanks for poppin' on over! 


5 Senses "Rap" Up

Our cute little kindergarten kiddos are on their final week of learning about their five senses. We sang our song about our five senses sung to bingo, we make a cute chart to go along with learning to write words as a class, and we practiced writing on our own. We finished with our 5 senses book by Aliki.


We finished with  a little rap...

I see with my eyes and hear with my ears,
I've been using my senses all of my years.
I use my tongue to taste good stuff
My hands can feel things that are soft and rough,
I use my nose to sniff those smells,
I use my five senses as you can tell.

Yo, 5 senses... hear, see, smell, taste and touch,
it's now your turn to use the whole bunch.
Yo, 5 senses.

Okay, friends...remember the song I was telling you about... It goes to the tune of Bingo.
I have five senses yes I do, I use them everyday.
Ears, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Hands,
Ears, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Hands
Ears, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Hands
I use them every day!

Five Senses In And Out Of The Garden

This week we are wrapping up our five senses unit with our kindergartners. I was trying to figure out a good way to get them outside for science. It still is pretty nice here in Wisconsin, although we did see our first frost in the courtyard and witnessed some frost burned leaves later on in the day, but that won't stop us from using the garden in any way we can. Here is what our little kiddos did in the garden this week.

We read this book to wrap up what we learned about our five senses. We also made a chart that helped up remember what our senses do. It is fun to see the kids really start to write and comprehend!


Feeling A Bit Veggie

Kindergartners are learning about their five senses and it still is warm enough to go out in the garden. I placed 6 different vegetables in 6 different socks. Can our little kiddos figure out by using their sense of touch which veggie is in the sock? This sheet can be used for our bigger kids in the garden. Our kindergartners can't write just yet.
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