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Monday, December 9, 2013

Pre-New Years Resolution

Okay, so I am not the type of person to have resolutions, but two of my coworkers have been doing zumba so I thought, why not. I hate exercising and all, but connecting with coworkers was my goal this year because everyone is sooooo busy and streeeesssssed out. We started talking as we were warming up and could still breath, and one of my friends brought up our biometric screening that we have to sign up for again after last year's big push to lower our health care costs. They gave us incentive. With that test, my husband was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and since than my hubby has lost over 40 pounds.

Now onto my resolution...I am suppose to also improve in some way???!!! Yikes. That means lose some weight, lower my blood pressure...okay, so now you can see my dilemma.  It is the holiday season. Food is the theme. Resolution time... I will drink more water... I will continue zumba with my friends...I will do one workout on my own per week... and I will (try) refrain from eating in excess. I will also (try) avoid Mountain Dew. That might help me with my goal of losing 5 pounds. Wish me luck. Here is the zumba video that I have been using:)
Wish me luck!

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  1. More power to you! Especially doing this through the holidays! I wish you loads of luck!!!
    A Tall Drink of Water