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Thursday, January 23, 2014

No Bones About It

No bones about it, this week the fourth graders had fun with bones. We were doing the FOSS lesson comparing bones. We stepped it up a notch. We have a school forest that our 5th graders always do an owl pellets lesson, so we had to fill it with an introductory lesson. First I read the A to Z book Animal Skeletons. I used my new Ipad to read it and show it.

I then had the kids guess the animal using What's Inside Animals. Coolest thing ever... there are 16 cards that have a skeleton on one side and the animal on the other. If you use a flashlight, you can see the bones inside the animal. The kids love it! This product is by Roylco.

We then shared native animal bones at each table. We had teams guess what animal the bones came from. They used back ground knowledge...canine teeth, ball and socket, antlers...

After the teams were done guessing, they worked on the sheet that wraps everything up.This great TPT freebie did just that thanks to The Teacher's Cabinet . I put it on one sheet to save paper:)

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  1. Such a neat lesson! I did bones at the start of the year with my 4th grade group, I will have to look into the roylco product for next year!