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6 Skeletal System Game Ideas for Studying Bones!

I have been trying hard to NOT get frustrated with my students' lack of effort in studying for my science concepts that I am trying to teach! I pride myself at my entertaining nature...I have become quite an actress up front of the room getting them excited about what I am teaching. I see them look at me and I think they are really getting it...and then we take a test and whaawhaa...not good results.

For the last two weeks, my fourth graders have been learning about the skeletal system and let's just say it is never easy to help them memorize and remember the major bones of the human body. I came up with a theme this year...Game of Bones where each event that we do will lead up to us building a Mr. Bones puzzle found in our FOSS Human Body Kit. I also found several patterns on line that would work, too! Here are some game ideas that I use to help my students retain information better!

Game Idea #1:

I first give them tricks for remembering the bones of the body. For example, we wiggle our pelvis like Elvis. We drive a car with our "car"pels. We make a U with our ulna...hitting it below the elbow and saying ulna. We make a hut, hut sound and crouch down like a football player and say "football femur". We make a V by our clavicle with our hands...we pat...our patella...I have a trick for them all!

Once I explain all of the different moves, we play a little Simon Says. This always gets them actively engaged and moving!

Game Idea #2:

Another game we play is Bones...Get To The Point. I give them the picture of the skeletal system or they use Mr. Bones that we constructed. I then say a bone out loud randomly and with a partner they try to point to the correct bone first. I also give them a sheet that has all of the names of the bones listed that is included in our FOSS kit. They tally which person was able to get it right. A little Game of Bones to add to the overall fun we can have learning about the skeletal system.

Game Idea #3:

Now it is time for us to play Name That Bone. I hang up posters of the skeletal system and have an arrow pointing to a bone. They try to figure out what bone it is and then they check the correct answer with the qr code reader. We have a record sheet to write down our guess before we check to assure they aren't just scanning and then moving on without truly studying...not that they would do that...right?

Our final Game of Bones activity allows us to look at not just the bones, but to learn how the skeletal system helps protect, help with movement, and give structure. I give them the question sheet, give them the question cards and we once again test what we know.

Game Idea #4:

I am adding a bonus game we used to figure out protection, movement, and structure. I give them a code on the board for them to solve within a period of time... they fill in the bones with the correct answers which they can use as a study guide!

Want to save time if you are teaching this? I have all of these games ready for you in a pack! The Skeletal System Review Game Pack! Found HERE!

Game Idea #5

I thought it might be fun to include a fun freebie for game idea 5!

I use a decoder for another game! Want your students to remember facts, but having to take notes isn't very engaging...make it more fun by having them have to find the answers in a given time...if they do it they get to build a skeleton for example during a skeletal system unit...each activity that they are doing can add more bones to the skeleton! The Game of Bones my friends!  So for this one...if they solve the three hidden words that show the functions of the skeletal system. I give them six minutes. If they can't do it in time, they can always take a chance and spin the wheel! Try the link for a wheel decide yes or no! Not so defeating if they can't get it, and a 50/50 chance is better than nothing!  Yes or No Wheel of Chance

Game Idea #6

We then create a scavenger on the internet for a part of a lapbook they can build. Inside the picture of the skeleton with arrows pointing to bones. They can hunt for these on a site such as Anatomy Arcade. This is a great way for them to review using the internet. They can label their diagram in their mini- lapbook included in today's freebie! Sign up today for your free pack or check your inbox if you are already part of my newsletter subscribers the email was sent today! I will also put it in our Free Resources Secret Page. Get the secret code when you sign up! Lots of great resources being added!

No Bones about it...making a science lesson more engaging can really help students retain information!

Shop Science School Yard TPT store!

Human Body Digital Research...Engaging and Interactive Science

We use the FOSS Human Body Pack with our 4th graders. We focus on several of the body systems as we go through this pack. There are some nice interactive activities that my students love. From animal bone identification that we use when I bring in real animal bones...to identifying human bones as I bring in X-rays from a doctor's office!

We work with the skeletal system when we deal with the bones of humans and animals.

We even work with the muscular system when we build a leg and thumb and discuss joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

I think though that it is important to also discuss the other systems such as the digestive and circulatory system. I also think it is important to challenge them with some great STEM activities.

The great thing is that I work with three fourth grade classroom teachers that wanted to connect writing and science together! Not only do I get to have my students participate in great hands-on activities, but I get to create a Google Human Body Pack to have them download so that they can work on it in their classrooms!

Thinking of ways to add digital activities to use in your classroom? Here is a great starting point!

The teachers had them download the qr code and assigned each group with a body system. Then the groups did the following:

1. researched information
2. added information to the slide/jpeg
3. they outlined their bodies using bulletin board paper and then made a labeled model for their system
4. The then worked on their speeches
5. They finally presented using our Apple TV's which allowed their iPads to be projected.
6. We even had the students put their iPads around the room for the other classrooms to come in and look at. They took notes to learn each body system!

It is also a perfect opportunity to build a workable hand especially right before March Madness...we can always make connections! Stay tuned for a later post and watch a little basketball being played in Science!

Find your Human Body Digital Resources HERE! Every-BODY will be happy!


Dr. Seuss Connections in Kindergarten through 5th Grade!

Read Across America week and do we have things planned! My Media Specialist and I have come up with some clever ways to integrate Dr. Seuss into library and science time! Teaching K-5th grade science allows me each and everyday to see the rotation of grades...so each day I see bigs and littles.

Sometimes, my bigs come in (3-5th grade) and they see all of the projects with art connections that my little are doing (K-2) and they get a little jealous...funny I also think my littles get jealous of the fun science activities that my bigs are doing, too!

I decided that I would challenge myself to find a Dr. Seuss book and idea that fits into what we are already doing!


Science Hand in Hand with STEM Prosthetics

I am always looking for ways for my students to feel like they can make a difference. Always looking for ways that my students who come from poverty don't always have to worry about buying supplies to make a cool project. During our 5th grade FOSS Levers and Pulleys Unit, for example, we use the video Caine's Arcade to incorporate STEM and the Engineering Design Process to show how something that one person can do does make a difference. The video also inspires young people to be creative even if you don't have a lot of supplies...a plain cardboard box can become something more than a container. It can open up new possibilities and allow for a young brain to think outside the box...so to speak!

If you are like me...you might be trying to find ways to make your science lessons more engaging while making sure that you still cover the standards that your district requires of you. Our district requires me to use the FOSS units and for our 4th grade right now, we are in the middle of the FOSS Human Body Unit. I was thinking...how can I have an engineering project that still focuses on the human body, but lets them get a break from the FOSS kit. I came across a video that once again inspired me! Take a look...

Just like Caine's Arcade, young people are making a difference and changing people's lives this time! What a great way to spark their interest and get them hooked. Now...how to set it up...

STEM Holiday Connections

Find the ELF Pack HERE!
One of my favorite things to do around the holidays is to find a way for all of the 400+ students K-5th grade be able to connect a fun seasonal book to a STEM activity.

Up until this point, we have been able to do some quick Halloween STEM activities, and a few NGSS STEM connections in a few of the classes, however using the FOSS road map that our district has developed is what often drives my theme or lessons. Lucky enough, I have been able to find ways to join some of those lessons together as well as integrate activities using our Ipads...so it allows me some flexibility to add NGSS...STEM...and extra activities that I create that go with our theme.

Here are some tips to integrate any of the fun STEM packs that I have in my TPT store!

Tip 1: Pick a theme

This week's lessons  look like this...

K-weather connections using Three Cheers for Tacky, building a structure for the Penguin to keep him warm using toothpicks and marshmallows and a fun penguin pattern...they sure are Tacky!
1st Grade- How to Catch an Elf...we are learning about size and property words.
2nd Grade-FOSS Solids and Liquids and the Gingerbread Man
3rd Grade-FOSS Water...make a boat to float on water to keep the Gingerbread Man from having to rely on the fox to get across the river
4th Grade-FOSS Human Body and Elf on a Shelf... Mr. Bones style and Elf Traps
5th Grade-FOSS Mixtures and Solutions and Mr. and Mrs. Clause and separating mixtures

 Tip 2: Pick a Picture Book

With the opportunities to integrate some STEM lessons, I always try to find a fun picture book that will help set the tone. Here are some of the books I am using this week.

Tip 3: Find ways to integrate what you are already doing in your classroom...Look at the standards and find a way to incorporate them into a hands-on STEM project! I also challenged my older kiddos to finish something that was in our road map before they could work on a STEM project, and you should see how fast they start to work to get to be able to build!

Looking for some winter or New Year STEM or some Christmas alternatives? Check it out at my TPT STORE. Follow the link HERE.

Hang in there...just a few more days for those of us that have to teach right up until break! Happy Holidays!


Currently Loving February!

Wow...Farley's New Blog Design is Amazing! I am currently linking up with her over at Oh Boy...It's Farley and this month's sponsor over at the Teacher's Lounge...This is an exciting month...our oldest is turning 21 this weekend and we are making a road trip to the Twin Cities to celebrate! Currently...I am watching the storm head our way...not school closings yet for us, but other schools are closing...I am wearing my PJ bottoms backwards tonight...


It has taken me longer to write this post because I am stopping often to perform a duo with Stevie considering the house is empty...

I am loving the thought that the storm is on its way and we could be able to sleep in...and relax with the family with a busy weekend coming up....

I was scolded for not sending more care packages and mail out to my college kiddos...so I am getting ready to box goodies up and send cards out for Valentine's Day...never have been good with deadlines and holiday gifts getting places when they are suppose to....I am on this one though...

Here is how I am doing currently...need I say more about needing a computer....yes my computer is projecting on a TV screen...

Ok...hubs is gone to 8th grade orientation and he is the PE department chair....so I am alone for another hour!!! Getter' done...that list is long and the TV isn't always available...

I tried to think of something that makes me swoon other than school related "stuff", but I cried at school last Friday! You know when you have a group of kiddos that struggle in school in everything...and then you give them a STEM activity that connects to what you are learning about and they SHINE!!!! Well, writing this is getting me a bit teary....Three ESL students from all different cultures decided to make a team up and whamo...we learned about articulated joints and posed a problem that needed to be solved...and they used the supplies to build a robotic/prosthetic arm that picked up a cotton ball and dropped it  in a cup! Our second successful group was also one of my most at risk groups...science is hands on and we celebrated their successes...they wanted to all take it back to class and even work on it for next week's competition...who's engineering group can do the job faster...this activity is going in my STEM Robot Stations Pack that is on my to do list this week. Here are my buddies at the early stages...
a bendable elbow...

STEM teamwork...

My winning group at the beginning stages!!!
My students cheer when I say it is a STEM day in science class...it has become my motivator for being successful on their tests...STEM if you pass sure has helped. This project was to enhance FOSS Human Body and wow did it ever! I am currently...happy!  HAPPY February!

Long Time...No Post...

Spring break can't come too soon my friends...one more week! I have been so busy trying to create some new lessons and units to go with upcoming FOSS units...testing my kiddos...report cards needed to be done Friday...my daughter was in town on her spring break (making little time to update blogs if I hardly get to see her...one has to use their time wisely!) last volleyball tournament in Milwaukee, taking us away from work at home...and now it is track, softball, and baseball season. Yikes!

But...now it is time for you! Updating, sharing, and freebies! Here is what I have been doing this week...
Kinders got to build leprechaun traps...I showed them the squirrel trap that I had out in our school garden...gotta catch that little bugger!

Firsties got to finish up their "Toy" unit otherwise known as Balance and Motion...I like the title toys better...so do the kids! We shared toys that slid, rolled, turned, and bounced! Here is their sheet...a freebie for you!
                        Toys That Rock and Roll FREEBIE Sheet

2nd graders have spent the last two weeks on a new unit I am in the process of making using the 2nd grade NGSS science standards. They seem to love it...they are learning about biomes, making topographical maps, and planning a trip for spring break. It seems to be great timing for them...and makes it fun to get ideas of things that are out there to do and what we can do in our own hometown!

3rd graders just went to a WEDing this last week! A fun spin on teaching weathering...erosion...and deposition! That new pack is coming soon too.

 4th graders are finishing up on their human body unit. I used my Cardiovascular System Heart Healthy Science Stations Pack for two weeks, followed up by teaching the kids how to read labels on food packages! Here is a great site figuring out food labels at Kids Health!

5th graders have been working on engineering projects and their final mixtures and solution test! We made a chair for our bear and a tower with index cards. It was a nice break from a kit. Can't wait to start our new units next week...right before break to get them excited about coming back for quarter 4.  Sorry...I had more pictures, but I left my other camera at school. My bad. Have a great weekend!

Teachers ARE Heroes Sale

Teachers ARE heroes to kiddoes every day! So, to thank my fellow teachers I am throwing a sale!

Save 20% off everything in my store...Wednesday, February 25th! I have added three new products this week...

Human Body Task Cards with FOSS in mind...
Mixtures and Solutions Task Cards for FOSS test readiness
Mixtures and Solutions lapbooks for take home help!

Task Card Scavenger Hunt in progress!

Get some great resources for your next test...or try a fun science pack today!!! 


Science...This Week

I use to do peek at my week, but wow is life busy...so busy I get my lessons done, get supplies for 6 science preps, and we are full speed ahead! I am sure glad last year I did that. I can look back and get some ideas, find my links and videos and more. So....I figure, I better post a peek so that I can once again get back on track to showing what I do each week in my science school yard!

Kinders- We are learning about the stars. We start with a great online book from We Give Books called Starry Sky. I made constellations from Full of Great Ideas Blog. As I read, I had the constellation cards shining on the ceiling when we saw it in the book. The kinders actually remembered them!

Our project consisted of giving each one a piece of black paper, 6-7 pieces of popcorn, and a piece of chalk. They tossed the popcorn on the paper, picked up a piece, ate it, then placed a star in its place. Then the  kids were able to see a constellation. When everyone was done, I played a virtual camp fire, they got a story stick to pass and share their pictures. We finished with a five little astronauts song.


First Graders- Are working on balance once again. I created a pack that took the picture books I could find, the FOSS lesson concepts, but added a fun circus theme to it. There are a ton of great balancing videos that kiddos love to watch as well. Balance: Science Circus Fun is a great way to teach balance, add math, reading, writing, and more to your FOSS balance and motion kit and then some!

2nd graders-Are all about the Non-Newtonian Fluids. We once again used our What's The Matter? Pack to supplement mixtures and solutions. Last week, Oobleck, this week...toothpaste!

3rd grade- My middle children are finishing up on the water cycle. We are working with ice cubes. We used ice cubes to learn the three phases of matter. Here is a great time lapse I showed as they worked on the phases of the ice cube sheet...this fun 15 second you tube video Life Cycle of An Ice Cube.  This sheet is from my FOSS Water Extensions Pack.
Ice Cube Life Cycle FREEBIE

4th grade- The Digestive System...what a fun way to learn about our body... engineer a model of it! Take a look at what they did!
We used the site Kids Health: Digestive System to get information and a fun...quick video...
Then onto the team activity. They got 20 minutes to include the parts of the digestive system and then share it with the class. It was a great way to remember it!

5th grade- We are working on Chemical Reactions. The kids loved theses reactions and could remember examples pretty easily after watching this...
We then did this great penny polishing activity that had the kids reacting, too! Did you know that ketchup is a great polisher? Who knew...We also used BTB to test a color change in water as we blew into it and tested for acids and bases. We always do a ticket out the door...this one was 5 examples of chemical reactions and what does BTB indicate. They got it!
Using BTB...showed a color change from blue, to green, to yellow!

BTB showed cola to be an acid... and it cleans pennies!

But the winner...hands down...was ketchup!

It was a great week in the Science School Yard!

FOSS...Radiology and Medical School!

Our fourth graders are learning the human body unit and it is lesson two...the bone puzzle. This can be hmmmm how do I put it....not quite engaging enough or long enough for an hour...

So....let's continue to encourage all of kiddos to pursue college...maybe a radiology technician, CNA, RA, doctor...Why is it so important for people to know their bones? What if a doctor wasn't sure what bone was where? Or if a family member needed help figuring out what was broken? If someone didn't know their femur from their humerus...well misdiagnosis.

One of the many X-rays we used to look at the bones of the body...carpels, metacarpals, ulna, radius...  
Working on the bone puzzle...

The finished skeletal system! 

Check out how we started our lesson...with Xrays! We each got an X-ray and the kiddos used their skeletal bone sheet to figure out what they were looking at.

Sometimes...it was a real puzzle...in goes the FOSS puzzle activity. We followed up with...a small skeletal system cutout for us to label on the back and study from.

Skeleton Pattern for Kids

Skeletal System and Bone links, games, and more...

Great Learn the Skeletal System Game

Hope you enjoy the "bone"us activities, videos, and links!

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