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Thursday, February 27, 2014

What's going on?

I found my camera folks. I snapped some quick pics of the afternoon groups working hard in science. Here it goes...
 Fifth grade is learning about chemical reactions. We watched a bit of Bill Nye and then did the vinegar and penny experiment. 6 scoops of salt cleaned the pennies right away. We set up a control and variable diagram to help us organize our plan.
 We learned some new vocabulary in 3rd grade this week as we prepare for the FOSS water works lesson.We learned weathering, erosion, and deposition. We used gobstoppers to learn about the 3 words, too. We even placed one in water to watch it weather away.
 One of our 4 worm bins we have to teach vermicomposting. The kids love worms!
 We used Herman the Worm's website.  I used a sock to put on my hand to talk as if I was Herman. I read the different pages that Herman's site has and they got some great information on the parts of the worm, cocoons, the gizzard and more!!!! We wrote in our science journal what we remembered and drew a diagram to use our new words. Herman The Worms Site

We were toy makers this week and we build tops...FOSS, but next week we are engineering a new toy with the same parts...check out my new idea for motion...speed...force...and friction...
I am making a sheet for tomorrow's FOSS Friday! Stay tuned!

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