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Peek At My Week...FOSS Friday

Another week has gone by and again a week without outdoor recess. Today, here in Wausau, Wisconsin we broke some records today... lowest temperature...-50 windchill. Another record...most negative degrees in a season...55 days last record set was in 1916. It is snowing now and I am SICK of cold weather! Someone just told us at lunch that March is suppose to have a ton of snow....UGGGGGG. So, it got me thinking about what I could do with the kiddos to get them active and "playing" a bit. I tested some of the lessons out with my two classes I have on day 5. SWEET!

Kindergarten- We read the book Playground Day! We will make a list of playground fun. We will then engineer playground equipment for my Polly Pockets. We talked about hot and cold weather fun and how to find things to do even when it's cold out.
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First graders-
We are working with the motion part of FOSS. We needed something fun to build so I have the kids making cars out of cans and bottles, the blue straws, white milk straws (the axle), tape, and red wheels. The trial group LOVED it. They will use the sheets I have below to help learn about speed and Newton's third law. They got calculators out to add big numbers when it went past 36 inches. We then made a homemade top to take home. We used a milk straw and a FOSS top pattern on cardstock so it was stiff. Make and takes rock!

Motion Sheets for Balance and Motion Extensions

Second graders-
Second graders are going to be working with worms again. We are using some sheets that I got from a great site...No Doubt Learning and The STEM mom. The sheets are great and the art activity is a stitch.

Third Graders-
We are going to be doing the Water Works FOSS lesson, but I have added my own sheet to learn about potential and kinetic energy. Get Your Water Works Sheet Here.
We are also using two videos. The first for introduction the second for what they could do at home.
Here is a simple fact sheet about the history of the water wheel. I think this is easy enough for our 3rd graders. Water Wheel History
Fourth Graders-
Time for the digestive system. Found some great sheets on TPT. I will be using some sheets from Rose Doerkson's Digestive System Sheets. I am using the sheet that goes with Bill Nye's video:
We also will be using her fourth sheet...making a model of the digestive system after filling in the sheet by Brandy Resman. This lesson has got a little bit of everything. Video, labeling, science journaling, and an engineering project. I love getting ideas from others. Got any ideas to share to make FOSS more fun?

Fifth Graders-
Well...my fifth graders are having an interesting week. One class will have science while the other class will not. They are going to what we call 'school forest'. Lots of science happenin' there. Deer necropsy, owl pellets, wolf predator/ prey scent lesson, deer drive and deer capacity activity, native Wisconsin animal museum scavenger hunt, fire building and so much more. The fifth graders stay over night for two nights in cabins. Fun stuff. The teachers stay with them the three days they are there. Not fun stuff. So that means a filler of sorts. I made some lessons for a free download on my TPT store:
What's The Matter?
Have a great weekend. I am working on some new stuff...stay tuned!

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