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Spring Break...Peek At My Week

I am planning for the week we get back from break, but boy is my head not in it. I can't wait for some time off. There is still about three feet of snow, but rain today. So melt, snow, melt!  Our big plans...water park...trip to Milwaukee to see relatives...and painting and sewing some things for my daughter for her new apartment. That is the goal. I also want to finish some of my TPT items. I am sure I can get something done on our 3 1/2 hour trip to Milwaukee.

Thanks to Mrs. Laffin's Laughings and  Mrs. Will's Kindergarten for this linky party!

Peek at My Week:

We are learning about weather yet, so we are learning about different types of weather that effects them in Wisconsin. We are making headbands that were featured on A Kindergarten Smorgesboard.  He has the symbols the students will need to make them. We will then create tornadoes in a bottle and practice what we do in the case of an emergency...tornado drill review. Students will then use the symbols to understand In like a lion out like a lamb on our chart, then share how you can be like a lion and lamb...of course after hearing the book...

We will finish up with a tornado in a bottle demonstration for them to make. For those of you that live in the Midwest...you know that on a given day in fall we can be in our basements or at school huddled in a bathroom due to a tornado warning. We will then review weather that is like a lion and a lamb. Our big idea is how weather can be classified.

First Graders:
We will be finishing up our Balance and Motion Unit this next week. First, we will review with a FOSS lesson, rolling wheels and rolling cups. We will finish with a review test that I was going to post, but in my haste to get out the door for spring break I didn't download it. When the kiddos are done they will be doing a quick friction fun activity by testing how their cars are slowed down at different rates by different surfaces. I shared the sheets on a previous post. We will test counters, steel wool, carpet, and sand paper.

2nd graders:
We will be reviewing the food chain. We will focus on last week's vocabulary: food chain, consumer, producer, omnivore, carnivore, herbivore, as well as what a food chain looks like. Students will be getting a sheet that has them matching vocabulary as well as creating food chains from different ecosystems. They will finish up with the art activity that we wanted to do last week. I guess I planned too much.

Freebie! Food Chain Craftivity

3rd graders:
We will be working with sound once again. We will focus on sound through different matter...air, liquid, and solid. Students will determine using FOSS which matter allows sound to be heard best. We will be using the FOSS lessons to create stations for the students to use along with a reflection sheet. The last station will be a helpful sheet from my sound sheets:

4th graders:
We are working on the earth yet. My kiddos really didn't know how seasons are related to how light and dark it gets in Wisconsin as the year progresses. They couldn't answer questions about day and night, let alone rotation and orbit. So, we will be reviewing in the form of stations. I am using several sheets from the Science Penguin, as well as using the ipads and the app The Day and Night World Map. This app allows students to understand the concept of day and night better using this visual aid. They will also create a model using a lamp and a styrofoam ball. We shall see what they can do. Then a little bitty quiz to check for understanding.

5th Graders:
Will be working on their Simple Machine Cardboard Arcade Unit. We will share the best invention ever made. We will then use the scenario cards to build a simple machine that will help build our arcade. They will create a mini version of that machine.

Happy Spring Break...if you are on break, or I hope your break was what you hoped it would be. I have a to do list that is pretty long. We shall see if I can tackle even some of it.


Peek At My Week

It is Tuesday, and I am sorry to not have posted about what my week looks like. It sure helps me in my own head! Lots of other stuff going on though. Got a call Sunday...my uncle died after a battle with Alzheimer's. Then, a call to tell me my closest cousin is coming home for a funeral of her own...her father in law, not to mention that her husband has skin cancer. Two funerals in one week...ugggghhh and cancer....YUCK!

My uncle lived next door to us when I was growing up. My favorite memory, you will all be jealous! is that he worked for Sundrop. I always had soda in a bottle after school. My dad delivered bread, so we always had sweet rolls, and their best friend worked for Frito Lay. Chips and soda for an after school snack. Not the healthiest of choices, but for a kid...YUM! He had a jute box and pool table in his basement and it was always fun going over and playing the songs. My favorite was TUSK by Fleetwood Mac!

Onto my week...
Kinders:  are working with air. We are doing the air sheet from the last post and reading the wind book. We added making fans to show how air molecules move and watching a wind song...

First graders:
We are focusing on how toys are modeled after things in nature and things in nature move just like toys. Seeds can move! They can glide, fly, slide, bounce, jump, roll, spin, and zoom! We read a great book that helped us connect FOSS with seed movement! I wanted to add some more vocabulary to their list, but still teach the FOSS lesson. I read the book and made helicopters. We copied the chart in our notebook and illustrated. Then we finished with a video clip to wrap up!

Second graders:
We are working on how to connect the worm unit to our FOSS plant unit. We are using the food chain to do that. I used the activities from TPT. First, we read What Eats What? We followed it with a vocabulary activity as a large group. We then moved to shoulder partners to share examples and ideas. We then sent them back to the tables to do some connection activities. We will finish up after vacation with an art project.  I used the STEM MOM pictures for my board activities...
Art Activity modified from Science For Kids...OCDiva's Food Chain Pack for the worksheets in their science notebooks. Thanks to all the fun freebies, TPT!

Third graders:
Sound discrimination is the lesson of the day. We reviewed the vocabulary...followed the FOSS lesson for the spelling game, figured Neha made a better game... and finished with this fun sound game!

Fourth graders:
Started their Solar System unit today. I am using the following lessons to the unit started. I also gave the kids a quick pretest to see what they know and what they want to learn. Why do they always want to learn about aliens? I also modeled seasons using myself and a student to demonstrate seasons and overhead projector and myself to demonstrate day and night. We discussed what the demonstration illustrated...they drew pictures...then they discussed the limitations of the demonstration. We followed up by having the kids check out the website to see if they can take what they learned. Both link sites are on my school link below.

Fifth graders:
We are continuing to learn about simple machines. We are using Caine's Arcade to learn about simple machines. We will be using Chrome books and my school blog to get them to focus on their lesson. I posted their lesson and sites on my school blog. Check it out!



The Wind and Snow is Blowing, Yuck!

I am working on the next kindergarten lesson and am really excited about what we are adding to our kindergarten curriculum. We are still in our weather unit, so looking outside and just finishing up on the water cycle...let's focus on different types of weather and experiment with each. We will be focusing primarily on wind, it is spring tomorrow anyway. We will start with a fun windy weather book...
I Face the Wind

 I am working on making more hands on activities for my littles. Here is the sheet we will use:
What Does the Wind Blow?
Happy Spring!

Getting Ready for Spring

This week, we are getting ready for spring...right? I am sitting here in a conference and it is snowing outside. We are focusing today on STEM and the new NGSS science standards. We are going to be focusing on 2nd grade with the FOSS air kit. We will be working to add a wind energy activity. With our 3rd grade water unit we will be focusing on hydroelectric energy and as we look to the new standards, we look to add solar energy at the 4th and 5th grade levels to tie in the planets and space focus.

Here is one thing that we will look at for solar power as well as solar cooking.

As for another activity with solar energy...cooking. We will be building these type of boxes this summer to figure out a lesson that we can use in our one hour class period.

On to hydroelectric power...
This kit is expensive, so how can we make our own water power model? Image:FinishedWaterwheel.JPG

Now, for that wind energy to get me ready for this summer's institute... we are each building one of these this summer for our rooms. Ours will be out of PVC pipes. I have been given inspiration for an energy unit.
Wind Turbine Science Kit
Here is a link to what we worked on with sound creating a stem lesson to go with FOSS.
A Sound Bite mini-unit
Happy Monday!

Peek At My Week...FOSS Friday...oh where did the time go? It's Sunday...

Hey...We made it! It is Friday. Okay, it's Sunday...where did the time go? It was the last few days to spend with my college daughter and the whole family. I took advantage of it! We went to the Eastbay sale! Here in little ol' Wausau is one of the greatest outlets...Eastbay. You know Nike, Adidas, Coverse...but, when it is a sale everything on sale is another 50% off. Nike's for $30.

My kids are set for track...baseball...softball... you name it...deal!

I was looking forward to sleeping to catch up with that hour that I lost last weekend. Anyone else felling that way? I took all of my girls to the spa this week, girls night out. We loved it soooo much. We had tea in beautiful cups, finger foods, and amazing things done (back massage, foot massage, hand and arm massage, and more) We are definitely going back! That is when I have some extra dough. We also were able to go out to eat, and let me say that is a real treat when we can do that as a family. We even had one of the boyfriends along. Always room for one of those cuties that are so wonderful to my girls. Of course, dad picks Buffalo Wild Wings. It was great to look around the table and see my family laughing and talking and just being together! Ahhhh.

Okay, enough already...time for this week's sneak peek... I have a sub on Monday... I am part of a science and math teachers' grant. Off to CESA to hopefully bring something amazing back...I won't hold my breath. I am sad to miss St. Patrick's Day Fun! However, I will post some pics next week of our leprechaun hair and our traps. If I remember.

Time to link up with other bloggers and take a peek at my week. Not only can you link up with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings but you can also link up with Mrs. Will's Kindergarten.

4th graders are working on our school set of chrome books. They will be working on a body systems review by going to How The Body Works facts and quizzes. I made a sheet for them to use that I left at school. Sorry.

3rd graders are working on sound for the first time this week. They will start with a list of what they know about sound and ears. Then they will watch Bill Nye and Sound to get them thinking.  They will use their science notebooks to write down 5 facts that they learned along with illustrations and labels. They will finish up with the sound chambers as an introduction to sound discrimination.
Our kinders are working on the water cycle. I read on a website, can't find it again after a massive search...that they kids could simulate the cycle. I set out blue cubes to represent water. Some of our kiddos were clouds, while others showed evaporation as they picked up the water and placed it into the clouds hands showing condensation, when the little clouds (hands) couldn't hold any more, the rain would fall...precipitation! The water once again accumulated on the ground. When we needed to change jobs, we sang rain, rain, go away... We then made Water cycle bracelets by Katie Hess using the sheets and ideas from Meaghan Kimbrall. Cute stuff.
The Water Cycle in Action!
Our first graders are making roller coasters today! I practice on these kiddos and then do another 4 rounds:) We will start off by asking students if they have been on a roller coaster, we added that onto a graph. We shared how it felt as we were standing in line waiting, how it feels when you aren't tall enough, and how it felt on the ride. Then we read Roller Coaster! Awesome book!
Students needed to show a safe hill and a loop. When they had time to build a workable roller coaster we met to share our creations. Then, the students shared what they learned about making a successful coaster. We even discussed potential and kinetic energy.
FOSS roller coasters!

How to get a loop to work? Where should the loop be?
Our second graders will be wrapping up the worm unit by learning about the food chain and producers and consumers. This is a great way to move into our plant unit which we will start next week...even though we have over two feet of snow here yet.

Our fifth graders will be starting their simple machines unit using Caine's arcade as a springboard. I am actually looking forward to this unit this year. Check out why at my TPT store...Simple Machines Unit...building an arcade.

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! 


Busy Bee TPT

I have been a busy bee this weekend! We did our taxes and you know when you think you are getting a certain amount back and it doesn't quite turn out that way...well that was us. With everything that has happened to education in Wisconsin let's just say we needed to adjust how much we were getting back in our check to cover our bills. Now, for the TPT busy bee thing... I figure that the more I have in my store, well the more I have out there for potential buyers.

So, the other side of the coin, I am starting Levers and Pulleys in two weeks and I am not a fan of that FOSS kit. My least in all the grade levels. I wanted something different that would support the levers and pulleys unit, but with a twist. So, I made a unit I am so excited to use! Caine's Arcade inspired me... this video is amazing and I think is a great hook for our students to follow in his footsteps!

Here is a sneak peek at my newSimple Machines Arcade STEM unit. I am even looking forward to this unit this year!


Peek At My Week...FOSS Friday!

Time to link up with other bloggers and take a peek at my week. Not only can you link up with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings but you can also link up with Mrs. Will's Kindergarten.

Here, we are Friday again. My planning day. The peek at my week and the FOSS fun I plan to do. Remember though...I am almost done with two FOSS kids so it is test time for two grade levels. Report cards are next week also, so testing is important so I have a formative assessment to use with all the little ones we did along the way.

4th graders
will come in with a model of the digestive system They will need to make labels for their system. They will get 10 minutes to label and then each group will share their model explaining the parts. After they are done they will then have their models hung in the hall by our classroom adult by their room. Students will read the next experiment…starch experiment and perform. Potatoes need to be ready. Then they read the digestive system reading. After reading, they observe experiment. They also will do the cracker experiment . They place a cracker in their mouth and chew without swallowing. As they chew ask them to think about the job of teeth, tongue and saliva. They will use notebook to write their thoughts. They will take a quick quiz on the digestive system. When done have them put them in a bucket  for correction.

 3rd grade
will be working on a review of the water cycle then take the test. Review words and ideas on the water review sheet on table.
When the students are done…have them complete the water cycle sheet in their notebook. Color and describe inside each part.

Things that are hot and cold. Have them make a picture of something hot and cold on the sheet after making a list on the board. They will fill in the sentence ____________ is hot or _____________ is cold. Then ask how we measure things that are hot and cold. Show them the big thermometer and how it works…hot goes up…cold goes down. Have them pretend they are thermometers by going hot and cold up and down.Skim over the book Hot and Cold by Jack Challenor. Now have them see how a real thermometer works. Ask what they see and check and monitor and fill in the sheet.
Using a thermometer!

                                                   Hot and Cold Sheet

 first grade
They will be working on inclined planes and how it affects speed and motion. Read big inclined plane book, then ask how inclined planes or slopes at different heights can affect the speed. How do they know? Sledding, car, bike… Now have them perform experiments. Walk them through it. Use the clipboards and tubs for first two then as you need bigger incline add the cardboard lid on a chair for the biggest slope. You will need to walk around a ton and read and direct. At the end they can have a car race if good choices are made. Wrap up with the little book or a discussion. If time remains they can draw what happened in their notebook.
First Graders testing slope...inclined plane...and how it effects speed


 Second grade
Students are learning about worms. Students will get earthworm book…we use red worms. They will start by telling you what they already know by writing some facts on a notecard. Then they will get a worm from you…you will have to get them out for them . They will get a moist paper towel first…then a black tent, then hand lense, then worm. Have an assembly line on the red circle table. Then the students will be guided by you to do the cover. Use hand lense kids. Then have them do experiment 1 by you taking another tub of worms and using the fork turning the soil over. They watch the reaction of the worms to light. Then they make observations in their book. They then use worms to test light and dark and you can come around with flashlight. They then share results and move onto experiment two. They will get a dry paper towel from you…prepare at lunch time or before school. Have them place worms right in the middle of the two types. Then observe. Share worms at table and results. When done share as large group. Finish by having them write a worm poem in notebook…Worms. ____________,_____________, ______________ Worms.   (three adjectives) illustrate.
It's a hatchling!

Fifth Grade
Our fifth graders alternate classes per day with 4th grade. Otherwise, I always have the same line up each day. They will be taking a test this week to finish up Mixtures and Solutions. When they are done they will be performing an experiment with ammonia to form a precipitate. This activity can be found in my free TPT download at What's The Matter? Mixtures and Solutions activities

Have a great weekend! Here is a shot of our rainbow making lesson from my ST. Patrick's Day Fun Pack . I did this with a kindergarten group that won an extra science class! The small cup seemed to work better at mixing the colors of the rainbow... The girls loved it!


Picture This

I love seeing plans in action. We, as teachers, plan and hope what we think will work...works. We are coming to the end of many of the FOSS kits such as water and mixtures and solutions. The first graders, however are in the middle of their Balance and Motion unit with a few additions from Mrs. H. This week ROCKED. They loved the cars. Using the FOSS parts I had them engineer a car that rolled...not slid.  Giving them two sizes of straws to fit together. That was the trick to having it roll. Many kiddos want to have the answer right away, but I set them up knowing that they would have to problem solve. We then measured using yard sticks. One small push between the first yard, a medium push to measure with the second ruler, and a large push to the third yard to see how force affects the speed. We learned how to use calculators to add 36 + 36 +...

I also love the engineering of the water wheel, however I think it is so important to add the concept of potential and kinetic energy as they create and build.

On to what I am doing after school. I am teaching an engineering class. The theme...roller coasters. This week, most of my kids were gone to school forest. That means, only four kids per hour. That left us with a great way to use a kit I bought and wasn't sure if it was going to be worth it. Was I wrong! The kit was awesome. We didn't use it the way it showed...we build our own model using whatever we needed from around the room. Check out one of the groups. We needed to add vocabulary words and use them as in our conversation. Three of the after school kiddos...take a look at the chairs, boxes, and anything they could find. Gotta love it.

Tomorrow is planning day! Until tomorrow. 

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