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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Busy Bee TPT

I have been a busy bee this weekend! We did our taxes and you know when you think you are getting a certain amount back and it doesn't quite turn out that way...well that was us. With everything that has happened to education in Wisconsin let's just say we needed to adjust how much we were getting back in our check to cover our bills. Now, for the TPT busy bee thing... I figure that the more I have in my store, well the more I have out there for potential buyers.

So, the other side of the coin, I am starting Levers and Pulleys in two weeks and I am not a fan of that FOSS kit. My least in all the grade levels. I wanted something different that would support the levers and pulleys unit, but with a twist. So, I made a unit I am so excited to use! Caine's Arcade inspired me... this video is amazing and I think is a great hook for our students to follow in his footsteps!

Here is a sneak peek at my newSimple Machines Arcade STEM unit. I am even looking forward to this unit this year!

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