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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Currently March Already!

It always amazes me that I get my currently post up on March 2nd and there are already a ton of posts. I can't wait to read them over the course of the month. It is nice to see so many different blogs out there. Currently, I should be finishing laundry or even starting lunch for that matter, but I would rather hook up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade. Her new blog is oh so cute. Love the dear deer! Here is Wisconsin our poor deer are stuck in way to much snow and more is on the way. We are planning a trip next year, but I sure wish I could get some sun for just one day over spring break...the snow and cold is getting to everyone. Our kiddos have had over 45 days of indoor recess this school year. We broke the record last week for most snow and below zero days! So, currently I am doing this instead and sitting next to my third daughter...lovely Sarah as we waste our day away.

I haven't really had one on one time with my kiddos lately. We had conferences this week so gone for two nights. Glad my daughter is hanging with her mom. Here she is after showing me how to edit pics. 

Loving that I have time to catch up on everything. I think I might even pick up a magazine and read it this weekend. Life has been way to busy.

There is a lot of thinking I am doing about our farm to school grant that I am in charge of at my school. As a science teacher, last year I planted a garden for the first time and it was awesome, but now the pressure is on to plant even more veggies and get them into our lunchroom for our kiddos to eat. I will be planting seeds with as many kids as I can...primarily kindergarten...they are growing a kinder"garden" this year! 2nd grade with FOSS and now 4th grade with the new NGSS standards. I will also teach an after school garden class. Not sure what the plans are for that...that is my next goal. Would love to hook up with any other farm to school school!

I so want to keep making more TPT goodies for my store. I am trying so hard to make some good stuff for myself and others. I watch some of the great bloggers out there and do they find the time...and they also have great ideas, too. Wanting to finish some things I started...needing to find the time to do just that. My plan...get up earlier, take my computer to school and work at lunch, and then finally late nighters! We shall see. 

I have to say I NEED some warm weather. I think everyone NEEDS some warm weather. It has been AWFUL this winter and they are predicting over 50 more inches of snow in March. I can't see over the snowbank to drive out of my driveway and I am always cold. I NEED summer and warm weather FAST! Anyone else having a bit of cabin fever?

On to my ?????
My oldest daughter is coming home for spring break this Friday! I can't wait to have all of my kids under one roof again. I am planning something special for my girls...trying to make some special memories. We shall see! All I know is that Paige wants good home cooked meals...I will have to crank open the cook books! Can't wait! 

Have a great March! Enjoy your spring break! Ours isn't until April this year...said good thoughts my way for the snow to melt! 


  1. Hi! Here in Iowa we've been having so many late starts because of the cold. Does that happen in WI? We've had only one completely full week of school all year! (Monday - early out because of HS girls are in state basketball tournament. And we do about every-other-week early out for PD.)

    I'm a teacher librarian and have a 2nd grade teacher who is going to start a garden with her kiddos. Obviously you must do it inside first, in such a snowy climate. I'm sure she'd love to connect with you. Are you on Twitter? I'll send her your blog.

    I'm thinking your ??? are things that you love but haven't had the chance to do lately?

  2. With the last couple Currently-s I have read, COLD has been a consistent thread. I a with you, sister, even in North Carolina, we are over. it. Done! We need sunshine, sweet, warm sunshine.
    I enjoyed you sharing about your daughters. My husband and I are preparing for our first little one (due in August), but I am a bit overwhelmed in wanting to be a great mom and a great teacher at the same time. Your blog today has encouraged me. Thank you!
    I am a new follower - looking forward to reading!

  3. Have fun with the garden! I have a black thumb so I try to stay far away from most plants. We have a pond at our school with beautiful flowers. I look but don't touch for their safety.
    Fifty more inches of snow?!? OMG! I can't even imagine! We get over an inch here in OKC, and it pretty much shuts the city down. For your question I'm going with the to do list while you have time with all your kids. Have a great March!

  4. Just visiting from Farley's Currently linky party. I know what you's just the 2nd and there are already a ton of post for this! lol Is your question something to do with things you are looking forward to?

    Waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox,

  5. I LOVE teaching science! I saw you on Farley's link and came over to check out your blog. I love to garden, so I would love to hear more about your school's garden.

    May the snow melt soon!