The Science School Yard: Two For Tuesday!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Two For Tuesday! will notice that my Monday Meet Up was posted on Tuesday. I had it all written and husband needed to print something for his class today. Long story short the printer wasn't working. It took until 2 AM to get it to print...then ink was out. Really people...true story. Forgive me for the late post then. So now it is Two for Tuesday and it is Tuesday! I am on it! One of my goals was to finish what I started. Ever wish that? Well, a few months ago I started a skeletal system review for my kids to put on TPT. I used it, but didn't love the lack of activities. So, yesterday the house was still sleeping and no one needed me to do a single thing...I finished my Skeletal System pack. What a great way to get it out there.

Here are my items to check out at my store. Each of these items are 50% today!

QR Code Skeletal System Review is now $1.75...great deal today. Also, as I get ready for my new lessons tomorrow in the garden, I am so glad that I made these lessons for my Wednesday Garden Day Class! Today, my  Farm To School Garden Pack is on sale for $2.00. Stop on by my store to see what I have at The Science School Yard's TPT Store.

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  1. I would totally have posted Monday's linky on Tuesday had I been up that late trying to get the printer to work! I loving that you are using QR codes with your science activities. So glad I found you on the linky party :)

    A Teaspoon of Teaching