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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

FOSS...Radiology and Medical School!

Our fourth graders are learning the human body unit and it is lesson two...the bone puzzle. This can be hmmmm how do I put it....not quite engaging enough or long enough for an hour...

So....let's continue to encourage all of kiddos to pursue college...maybe a radiology technician, CNA, RA, doctor...Why is it so important for people to know their bones? What if a doctor wasn't sure what bone was where? Or if a family member needed help figuring out what was broken? If someone didn't know their femur from their humerus...well misdiagnosis.

One of the many X-rays we used to look at the bones of the body...carpels, metacarpals, ulna, radius...  
Working on the bone puzzle...

The finished skeletal system! 

Check out how we started our lesson...with Xrays! We each got an X-ray and the kiddos used their skeletal bone sheet to figure out what they were looking at. was a real goes the FOSS puzzle activity. We followed up with...a small skeletal system cutout for us to label on the back and study from.

Skeleton Pattern for Kids

Skeletal System and Bone links, games, and more...

Great Learn the Skeletal System Game

Hope you enjoy the "bone"us activities, videos, and links!

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