The Science School Yard: Sunday Scoop...Out of Commission

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Scoop...Out of Commission

Have you ever felt that life has taken you out of commission? For the last four weekends I have NOT slept in my own bed. What we don't do for our youngest on a traveling volleyball team. We have been to Milwaukee, the Dells, Point, and now my hubby...wanted to go up north to relax....yikes. I really have to get home if you know what I mean. What's for dinner next week is on my Farm to School Presentation is done...posting my new items when I left my camera at home doesn't help....

 but I have been also too busy getting my daughter's presents ready (I am doing an apartment redo for her boyfriend, and I am throwing in a few surprises for her, too she will be 20 in a it is a double fun treat...time flies!)

 I have been busy making a farm video for my kiddos who will be making butter next week, as we are in the liquids and solids unit! Going to a local farm was amazing! Can't wait to finish it up to share!

I have been busy catching up on laundry and house clean up because of being gone...and not to mention report cards are due this Wednesday.

Sorry...I haven't blogged in two weeks, but funny thing is...I have relaxed on the weekends in a hotel room with my daughter! Catching up, talking, laughing, sharing, watching movies, sitting in the hot tub! This weekend, alone, I have sat on pinterest for hours looking up....random finds. It is good to take a break from school at times, and just breath. Try it sometime. The laundry can wait...

So, here is the scoop...I linked up with  The Teaching Trio for the Sunday Scoop and thought I would get back in the blogging game. I missed it for my two week hiatus.

Have a great last week of January! It is snowball making weather...I think it might be time to build a snowman! 


  1. Ufta. It sounds like you have had a busy few weeks. I don't know if I could be away from home that much. I like my own bed WAY TOO MUCH. :) Hopefully you find the time to relax and get a few things crossed off your list.

    Funky in Fourth
    Teaching Trio

  2. It sounds like you have been very busy. I like to travel, but I don't know if I could be away that much...I can only imagine all of the stuff I would have piled up to do. I hope you have a wonderful week, and I hope you can relax a bit.