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Sunday Scoop...Hop On Over!

It was a very different Easter this year...our third daughter is in Florida with a friend...miss her! We celebrated on Saturday so that our oldest and her boyfriend could go to both families...happens when your children date and need to share time with each family...the best thing is that his family came over for dinner Saturday! Love that they are part of our little group of 6. So the Sunday Scoop is late because we just cleaned up the house after our two oldest headed back to college! Only 5 weeks and we have a college grad!

I thought I would share a little freebie with you tonight. My littles love play dough! So, I whipped this activity together for them this week! Here is the link for this cute freebie!

I am linking up with my favorite Sunday Friends...over at The Teaching Trio! Love seeing how everyone is planning their week!
I am really not one to relax, however I really need to take a break. I hope to do that with my son! We have made a little plan for the week. Each day we are doing one big thing together or for each other. He wants a friend over and then they want to go downtown...we want to take in a movie on Tuesday...it is cheap seat night....Wednesday we are going to our local museum with family friends... then we have to try to figure out what else we could do on our stay-cation! We might go to a trampoline park a few hours away, but there is snow in the forecast again. Yuck.

I am looking forward to learning how to snapchat better. My kids love it, but I really haven't done it too often. This seems to be the new thing for teachers to connect so why not give it a shot! I realize I need a better phone so I may have to do that.

Happy Easter, Everyone! Hope your Sunday was filled with family and traditions!


Sunday Scoop March 20th

It has been a few weeks since I shared my Sunday Scoop. I love checking in with the Teaching Trio and friends to see what is on everyone's platter. So...3...2...1....blast off!

It has been a busy weekend. I have been lucky enough to have my two girls home from college...so that means our family of 6 is complete for a few days. That also means loads...and when I say loads...I mean I do believe every article of clothing they own coming home to be washed.

I hope after a fun photo shoot yesterday with the girls, that I can actually get a picture with all of us for a nice picture I can have of the 6 of us!
My girls and I...One lucky mom!
I have been goal setting and trying to use my time more wisely. I have to say at first it was easy...make a list stick to it, but it has been harder when there are things at school and at home that change your ability to get work done...new phones at work so training in the morning...spring concert at school gone almost 3 hours... committee meetings this week....and I love my kids home, but I am lucky then if I can check my email and sneak in a quick facebook scroll...I am sure that I can get back on track and get some of my to do list done!!!???! Right? I am getting spring break fever...four days and counting!

My family will be home once again next weekend and with boyfriends and their families I want to make sure everyone can be together for a nice meal. That may mean we will have Easter dinner on Saturday. I have learned that it isn't the day that makes the holiday...it's the time you spend together that counts!

Enjoy your week!

Leaping Into...the Sunday Scoop

It is Sunday again...time for reflections...time for goals and planning! I was so very lucky to have my second daughter and her boyfriend home for the weekend! With that being said...sometimes life gets a bit behind, but I am all set for the week and I have my goals in check! So here is my Sunday Scoop...

Alright...so I have been really trying to learn some new things...I think you can teach an old dog new tricks...I am trying to learn how to follow periscope and to follow people. I have learned a lot from some really great teachers! So, I have been goal setting better and trying to use my time more wisely at home and at school. Even though I love to talk a bit in the morning...I am really trying to use that time better for setting up for things like my fifth grade kitchen chemistry activities that I need to prepare for!

I also need to finish some projects that I started a while back...those three little kittens and Jack and his beans are waiting for me and planting time is around the corner so I really better get "growing"...I mean going!

I kept up with laundry this week...I know how we add that to our to do list, but I am all good! I am going to give vlogging a whirl soon. That means my blog posts will get a video explanation and a tour of the lesson so that you can make science simple, too! Stay tuned! Until then...
I am having a little Leap Day Sale over at my Science School Yard TPT Store!

Happy Leap Day, tomorrow. I am hopping on over to the coffee shop tomorrow to enjoy some tea with my coffee drinking friend! Here is the poster that has inspired my leap day efforts...
Inline image 2


Sunday Scoop

Oh Happy Day! I got to sleep in! No volleyball tournament, but a basketball tournament that was in town and my son didn't have to play until 12:30! It is Sunday...time to plan out the week! Here is the Sunday Scoop!

Here is my Sunday Scoop!

 It is an exciting week for STEM teachers! It is National Engineers Week! Check out STEM Activities For Kids for great ideas, freebies, and giveaways all week! This is a great site for finding simple STEM ideas...fun activities that showcase problem solving and critical thinking skills and more!
As a STEM/Science Teacher I teach over 400 K-5th grade students! It is conference week...and I don't always get too many parents stopping by. So this year, I am setting up a STEM Maker Space Station right outside my door to lure them in! If they don't show up...I get to clean up my room a bit. There are days that I have 12 lessons out in my room as I prepare and prep for the week ahead. It can get a bit busy!

I just posted two new products that I finished this last week...My first pack is STEM Construction Stations. We are building on to our school so as a true construction site, I am connecting real life building to our classroom STEM labs.  Second pack is preparing me for STEM Easter Stations. I am very excited about both, but now that I am finished I have to make a new list of projects that I would like to tackle next!

I am excited to send a fun note to my girls when it isn't even a holiday. I am not going for mom of the year, but I love to make them happy. I am so lucky to have my family!

Have a great week!

Sunday Scoop

Well, Hello Sunday! It has been wonderful to just relax and spend some time at the cottage...regrouping!
A shot from inside...looking out...oh how I miss that summer swinging! 
 Lots of germs at school and a sick child of my own...but our house is on the mend. That is why it is so nice to get away!  It sure is nice to connect with the Teaching Trio for a fun filled linky.

Here is the Sunday Scoop...Science School Yard Style!

Here's the scoop...

I was at a volleyball tournament and I was so wanting to finish some products when a volleyball landed right on my screen. All of my work...can only be worked on through a TV monitor. I need to buy a new computer...right now I am on my school computer which is a MAC. Not a fan. Any suggestions?

I love seeing how people decorate their rooms to set the stage to engage. In first grade, we are working on our FOSS balance and motion kit. I want to always make it a bit more fun so we use the circus theme to add to our balance activities. So, with balancing crayfish and balancing semi circles...which we incorporate Mirette and The Tight Rope to make the shapes mean something (Mirette is the triangle it looks like a skirt, and Bellini is the semi-circle...it makes it more interesting). Next week however, we are performing some circus acts for their teachers to show them what balance means. Tightrope walking, folder balancing, magic pencils, and more! I will be wearing a clown costume and a top hat...We have elephants...bears...and lions! Oh my!

I am planning for next week's fifth grade lesson and guess what, my lesson from last hear is on my broken computer. I will have to find a way to project it on the TV when my husband isn't watching it. I will find it...I will!

I was told by my two college kiddos that I don't send enough care packages...so I am bound and determined to send a card and goodies! I have to get that ready this week to make sure it gets there by Valentine's Day! Speaking of Valentine's Day...

STEM Valentine's Day Stations!(HERE)! I am getting them all ready for my little sweethearts
My...My...does time fly! My oldest daughter will be 21 on the 7th and we are headed to Minneapolis to meet her for a bit of shopping at the Mall of America then onto Mankato for birthday fun! She babysits for some cuties and we are throwing a Princess Party in the hotel!

I am really looking forward to seeing her and celebrating her milestone!

Happy Sunday and have a great week everyone!


Sunday Scoop

I am not always great with resolutions, however...this year I am working on some words to be inspired by.  A motivational word bucket list so to speak. On January 1st...I went to Currently and was amazed at all of the great words that are inspiring us this year! I wrote many of those words down and added a few of my own! I now have them posted at school, in my teacher notebook, and even in a little jar! I wish I could take a picture right now, however...one of the words on my list is...

RELAX! So...I am up north at our cottage...sitting by the fire...and thinking...I need to connect with other teachers...CONNECT is another word on my list! Two birds with one stone! So...

I popped over to The Teaching Trio to connect once again with some great bloggers! I have missed posting each week!

Here's the Scoop...
This week...is our first traveling volleyball tournament in Milwaukee. It is a 3 and 1/2 hour trip for us, but I will have two of my girls with me. We are going to make it a memory packed weekend...that is my hope! One of my words is ADVENTURE...I will see what that adventure might be! We will be CONNECTING with family for starters!

I am still setting up for this week's lessons. They are a bit more adventurous as well. We are celebrating with a Penguin Party using my STEM Winter Antics Pack with my 2nd graders to wrap up our solids part of our FOSS solids and liquids unit!  I am also planning with my amazing...wonderful librarian, lessons to go with our Makey Makey boards that I just purchased for science/art/music/library so that we can COLLABORATE ...yes another goal...hope to do that with other teachers in other schools, too!

Also hoping to finish my holiday STEM St. Patrick's Day Pack and STEM Easter Pack, but really love my STEM Robot Pack...so I am aiming for 2 more done this week. GOALS are another one of those magic words and my goals are big this 2016!

So with all that being said...FUN is a big goal in my mind! I think sometimes we are on a hamster wheel ...always doing the same thing. I only have so much time with my children...I must make some fun happen. So...today? Not sure, but I will think of something!

Happy January!


Sunday Scoop

Good Morning Sunday! I have a day to finally take a breath and relax...but not for long! Thanks to some wonderful teachers over at the Teaching Trio I can share my Sunday Scoop!

Here is the Scoop of my week to come...Little planning...a little game watching....a little birthday celebrating!

It's that time of year when my kids start thinking Christmas. Finding ways to cut back to save a little extra is my goal this month. Any great cutting costs ideas out there?

Sunday Scoop: Back To School

It's back to school this week! Inservice schedules came out...the week might just go by a bit slow, but I can do it! Back to Sunday Scoop as well. Summer is over and I am getting back to linking up. I have missed you Sunday Scoop. Thanks Teaching Trio for our ability to share what is on our platter!

I read up on all of the teachers that have been back to school. Now, it's my turn. We have inservice Tuesday-Thursday with our open house on Wednesday. My room is done (it's a teachers' lounge, until we finish building on to our school. Then I get a real classroom for the first time in four years!) I was inspired by Farley's Currently Challenge. I am going to pay it forward to our staff whenever I can. I am starting with cookies for everyone this week during inservice. I also have treats for the first day of school on September 1st! 

Thanks for letting me share my Sunday Scoop!


The Sunday Scoop

The Teaching Trio has another week's worth of the Sunday Scoop. Here is the scoop today...
I was such a lucky mom! I had all of my kiddos home for mother's day at one point. My husband tried so hard to make breakfast. I didn't go grocery shopping yet this weekend...poor guy. It was the thought that counts! I even got some pretty flowers for my pots today from my oldest! AWWW. That was so sweet, too! We finished it off with ice cream at our favorite local shop! Yum for the funky monkey...peanut butter, crunch, and bananas in a flurry!

Happy Mom's Day to all you mommies out there!

The Sunday Scoop

Upnorth...and over 70 degrees here in Wisconsin. My boys are fishing...it's opening weekend, and Sarah and I are relaxing! I can't wait to work on a few of this week's projects. So...here is the Sunday

Scoop! Thanks to The Teaching Trio for this reflective linky!

I love insects. They are fascinating to littles, but sometimes FOSS doesn't have enough..."STUFF". So, I started making a new pack for them and it is going over big! Our painted lady caterpillars are now chrysalis...so next week we get to learn about butterflies! Our school garden is ready for planting...and this year with my 5th graders we are learning about Victory Gardens. I have been fortunate enough to have my father in laws WWII artifacts. Now that I teach science and not social studies...I don't get to use them, but I figured out a way to teach social studies in science!

So does anyone else feel that it is crunch time? I have to really start cleaning and getting ready for my summer classes that I teach for the first two weeks after school lets out. I just have to start my to do list and we are set to go...

This week, is scholarship night for my senior. Wish her luck! She is working hard to earn money for college through being a CNA this summer...she is certified...YES! But, scholarship money always helps!

Have a great week!

The Sunday Scoop

My oldest baby is back in the nest...and I am so excited to see her again. Wow...time flies when you look back on your time with your kids and I have another one flying off...my little birdies are getting so big! To celebrate...we went ice fishing???!!? Yes, this winter hater went ice fishing to do something with as many of my sweet children. It was cold. It was windy. We didn't catch any fish. BUT...I did enjoy just being outside with my family...even if I was a bit cold. However...the sun is out and the snow is suppose to start melting as warmer weather hits us this week!

Those three birds of a feather that teach together over at Teaching Trio are hosting their weekly Sunday Scoop! So here it is...

CICO...btw...stands for Check In...Check Out...my little boy...(I help two specifically)...but one is going backwards...boy little guy! He seems to want "prizes" from school store and not really focusing on making good choices on his own. That connection isn't there. He is the cutest thing though...I have to get creative on how to reteach him and get him to care again. I am sure we can get him there...it takes time. 

On another note...I am at a new milestone...I have an even number of followers! I am up to 60 friends! I can't tell you how happy that makes me feel!  I really am so excited that others want to see what I do in my science classroom. If you want to check out instagram...go to mrsheinrichsscienceclass  and my weekly pictures are there for my families. My son was just looking at them and saying he wished he was in my class! I didn't even pay him to say that. 

Happy Sunday! 


Sunday Scoop...

It's Sunday...it's cold out...and I am sitting here warm...under my blanket. I put the sheets in the wash, watched some TV with my son...added some things to my new NGSS 3rd grade unit...now I am taking a break to tell you the Sunday Scoop! Gotta love the Teaching Trio and there fun Sunday Linky! I seem to always be late for the party though...

Nothing much this next week...we are almost at the end of our FOSS kids...so assessments...planning for new units...and supper is right around the corner...I need to be more creative. Sheets are ready to go in the dryer...taxes are on the front burner...I will sweet talk him with...maybe some pie...My oldest is on her way home for vacation starting Friday...life is good!

Enjoy your week...time for the warm weather to show up!

Sunday Scoop...Microgreens Freebie

As I was sitting here thinking about the Sunday Scoop over at The Teaching Trio....I forgot all about the microgreens growing at school. That I have to check on...coddle...talk to...so that they grow. Never grew them before, but let's just say those little shoots are getting taller and taller and the kids are so excited about growing something in the winter. So...here's the scoop....

I am sitting here over 45 minutes away from my laundry at my daughter's volleyball practice. Just a bit of alone time that I love. The sound of girls shouting "mine" and the bouncing of volleyballs is drowned out by the typing of my keys. Laundry can wait...

Funny thing...though...when you sit you remember all the things you might have to do when you are home. I have added to the things happy to do...help my son finish a large Egyptian project when I get home...then play cards. Homework first.

I will also add...I had to help my oldest daughter edit her paper for college...yes...since they were little...I have edited for spelling, errors, and doubles...and given pointers or two my childrens' papers. I was a pretty good writer and edited hundreds of papers in my day. Closing sentences the toughest. Now, that is done...I am looking to get down to business and figure out my task cards for my 5th graders for review. It goes with my PPG...SLO...all that jazz.

But, first back to microgreens...
Kale...look at those little guys!

Lettuce...check it out!

Taking care of business!
Microgreen Sheets Freebie just for you! I used these sheets with my 4/5 garden club group! A fun...winter activity that we will share in our upcoming harvest of the month.

Do you garden? School or home? Would love to here what you plant and when you start your seeds. Have a great week!

The Sunday Scoop

Phewww...a big sigh of relief, my formal observation is done. Check. My farm to school harvest of the month activity is done and butter was successfully made. Check. I am sitting here in a quiet...yes quiet hotel room. Check. Life is good. Time to reflect and plan for the week ahead! There are some wonderful teachers over at Teaching Trio that love to link up...Thursday are fun and so is the Sunday Scoop.

Here's the scoop...

Okay...Linky buddies...can't wait to see what your week holds, too! But...now I am off to another volleyball tournament! Enjoy your Sunday...but I have to scoot!

Sunday Scoop...Out of Commission

Have you ever felt that life has taken you out of commission? For the last four weekends I have NOT slept in my own bed. What we don't do for our children...my youngest daughter...my freshman...is on a traveling volleyball team. We have been to Milwaukee, the Dells, Point, and now my hubby...wanted to go up north to relax....yikes. I really have to get home if you know what I mean. What's for dinner next week is on my mind...my Farm to School Presentation is done...posting my new items when I left my camera at home doesn't help....

 but I have been also too busy getting my daughter's presents ready (I am doing an apartment redo for her boyfriend, and I am throwing in a few surprises for her, too she will be 20 in a week...so it is a double fun treat...time flies!)

 I have been busy making a farm video for my kiddos who will be making butter next week, as we are in the liquids and solids unit! Going to a local farm was amazing! Can't wait to finish it up to share!

I have been busy catching up on laundry and house clean up because of being gone...and not to mention report cards are due this Wednesday.

Sorry...I haven't blogged in two weeks, but funny thing is...I have relaxed on the weekends in a hotel room with my daughter! Catching up, talking, laughing, sharing, watching movies, sitting in the hot tub! This weekend, alone, I have sat on pinterest for hours looking up....random finds. It is good to take a break from school at times, and just breath. Try it sometime. The laundry can wait...

So, here is the scoop...I linked up with  The Teaching Trio for the Sunday Scoop and thought I would get back in the blogging game. I missed it for my two week hiatus.

Have a great last week of January! It is snowball making weather...I think it might be time to build a snowman! 

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